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Mexico's Televisa, left at the altar by Univision in bidding for the Los Angeles-based broadcaster in June, is said to be making plans for a new proposal. According to the New York Times, a group that also includes Bill Gates' money managers is considering a $38-a-share pre-emptive bid for the company.

Fast-rising UPS Exec Tabbed for No. 2 Post at SBA
Jovita Carranza, Hispanic Business Magazine's 2004 Woman of the Year, is likely to be nominated by President Bush to take the No. 2 position at the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Exposito-Ulla Acquires Major Stake in Ad Agency
Daisy Exposito-Ulla, a pioneer in Hispanic advertising, returns to her roots by by acquiring a major stake in another firm, CMS/Partners LLC, run by former collegues of her.

Border Media Partners Grows in Step with Hispanic Community
For Border Media Partners, the future is bright, and the future is bilingual. Castro's last two purchases are English-language. That gives him four English and five Spanish stations in the San Antonio area.

"Leveraging Diversity at Work" Available Thursday
Understanding the power of diversity and using key methods to maintain a harmonious workforce are the subjects of a new book that will be available Thursday on

Number of High-priced Mortgages Rose Sharply in 2005
Housing debt is increasingly falling most heavily on minority home buyers. Roughly half of all African-Americans and Hispanics who bought homes last year are paying above-average mortgage rates, a significant increase over 2004, the Federal Reserve says in a new report.

Democrats Working to Attract Hispanics Throughout South Florida
Democrats are forming Hispanic caucuses in South Florida to bridge the quiet, clannish divisions among immigrant groups and coax more Latinos to the polls in November.

Congreso: Hispanics Urged to Marshal Economic Firepower
Economic empowerment was the theme at Day 2 of the National Latino Congreso, the first comprehensive gathering of Hispanic leaders and community members in nearly 30 years. Speakers stressed that Hispanics have enough collective spending power to make a difference for businesses they themselves own.

Menendez Trails in Latest Poll From New Jersey
The Republican challenger is back in the lead in the see-saw battle by New Jersey's Bob Menendez to win a whole term for the U.S. Senate seat he was appointed to in January, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll released Wednesday.

HispanTelligence Research
The geographic dispersion of the U.S. Hispanic population continues. States with small Hispanic populations have shown the greatest growth in the last decade with seven of the 10 fastest-growing states in the South.

The U.S. Hispanic Economy 2005
Purchase your copy of latest research from HispanTelligence: The U.S. Hispanic Economy in Transition: Facts, Figures, and Trends (2005 Edition) -- a comprehensive study of the emerging Hispanic market.

U.S. Hispanic Media Market: Projections to 2010
Advertisers' efforts to reach Hispanic consumers are becoming more targeted, and language is a major factor. Advertisers spent more than $3.3 billion to market products to U.S. Hispanics in 2005, a 6.8 percent increase from 2004.

From the current issue of Hispanic Business magazine...
Create Your Hispanic Business Classified Ad Now!
Some of the best schools for Hispanics find that nurturing can be as important as teaching.

Top 10 MBA Schools for Hispanics 2006
The Hispanic Business list of the top 10 MBA schools for Hispanics.

Urban Pioneers
LA's Primestor finds profitable niche in redevelopment.

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