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While the overall jobless numbers improved slightly in August, the unemployment rate for Hispanics has not moved since June, according to the latest figures out from the U.S. Department of Labor. Meanwhile, Hispanics continue to fill more than a third of all new jobs in the U.S.

How to Score Funding Without VCs
Venture capital holds the promise of solving your money problems. The best strategy is to constantly review your alternatives and make do with what you have -- as your company grows and achieves success, new options will keep opening up.

Hispanic Household Income Distribution Improves
In 2005, Hispanic households saw an improvement in their income distribution last year, though the numbers and rate of growth still lag behind U.S. households overall.

Number of Uninsured Rises Again
One of the nation's most vexing public-health problems deepened last year as the number of Americans without health insurance jumped by 1.3 million to 46.6 million, the Census Bureau reported Tuesday.

HSF CEO Steps Down for Education Appointment
Sara Martinez Tucker announced Tuesday that she will step down as president and CEO of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) at the end of September, based on the White House announcement that President George W. Bush intends to nominate her for Under Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education.

Chavez May be Buying Cuba's Future With Oil
As Cuban leader Fidel Castro convalesces in Havana and brother Raul rules temporarily, experts say another man may hold Cuba's future in his hands: Hugo Chavez.

SBA's New Leader Faces Critics
The new head of the Small Business Administration, a former Chicago-area executive at a decidedly big business, says his agency must do a better job of helping minority, rural and inner-city small companies grow.

Political Immigration References Sting Advocacy Group
Stung by election-year advertisements from both the Republican and Democratic parties that take swipes at immigrants, the president of the National Council of La Raza on Monday asked the parties to re-examine their tactics.

Business Group to Push for Immigration Changes
A coalition of Texas industry associations and businesses that depend heavily on immigrant labor are banding together to push for comprehensive immigration reform, including establishment of a guest worker program.

HispanTelligence Research
The geographic dispersion of the U.S. Hispanic population continues. States with small Hispanic populations have shown the greatest growth in the last decade with seven of the 10 fastest-growing states in the South.

The U.S. Hispanic Economy 2005
Purchase your copy of latest research from HispanTelligence: The U.S. Hispanic Economy in Transition: Facts, Figures, and Trends (2005 Edition) -- a comprehensive study of the emerging Hispanic market.

U.S. Hispanic Media Market: Projections to 2010
Advertisers' efforts to reach Hispanic consumers are becoming more targeted, and language is a major factor. Advertisers spent more than $3.3 billion to market products to U.S. Hispanics in 2005, a 6.8 percent increase from 2004.

From the current issue of Hispanic Business magazine...
Create Your Hispanic Business Classified Ad Now!
The 2006 Hispanic Business list of Top Companies for Hispanics.

November Coming Attractions
In preparation for November elections, political parties gamble on the strength of their immigration platforms.

Three Essentials to Immigration Reform
Dr. John A. Garcia of the University of Arizona walks through the immigration debate, identifying key things to watch prior to the November elections.

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