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Calle 13 is a ten-time Latin Grammy award nominee and one-time Grammy Award-winning hip-hop and alternative duo from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Rene Perez Joglar, or Residente, and Eduardo Jose Cabra Martinez, or Visitante, are stepbrothers from Puerto Rico. The band is featured in Rolling Stone magazine’s first special issue highlighting Latino artists and culture.


Rolling Stone Announces First-ever Latin Music Special Section

November 9, 2012

Rebecca Villaneda -

Recognizing the rising popularity of Hispanic artists in the U.S., Rolling Stone magazine released a special issue highlighting Latin artists and culture.

The Latin music coverage features rapper Pitbull on the back cover and is available in both English and Spanish. The issue includes a Latin Hot List and 10 Greatest Latin Rock Albums of All Time. Topping the greatest Latin rock albums is Café Tacuba?s "Re." Also expect to see pieces on Calle 13, Maluca and Junot Díaz.

To launch the special edition, Rolling Stone teamed with Hispanic marketing communications agency Lápiz.

Ernesto Adduci, vice president, account director at Lápiz, said the conversations with Rolling Stone began with an idea of creating a Latino band night similar to Lollapalooza. Ideas rolled from there.

"As an agency, we believe that marketing to emerging cultures is about connecting with deep cultural values," said Gustavo Razzetti, executive vice president at Lápiz. "As such, brands that want to engage with Latinos need to be part of that culture. At Lápiz, we are always looking for opportunities to help amplify Latino influence on the mainstream."

Lápiz's mission is to tap into insights to build creative platforms that engage brands with Hispanic culture and consumers.

"Latinos ? interact and engage with both mainstream and Latino culture," Razzetti said. "This Rolling Stone issue captures exactly that; it provides two doors -- the mainstream and the Latino one -- so they can choose which culture they want to interact with at a specific time."

Nathan Brackett, Rolling Stone deputy managing editor, said this issue was "an incredible opportunity for us to dive deep into Latin music and culture."

"We know that Latinos are playing an influential role in not only pop culture, but also in areas such as the economy and politics -- Obama knows this for sure," Razzetti said. "Latinos want to be portrayed as both unique and part of the mainstream. They want to see this represented in the media and recognized as influences, not followers or part of a melting pot that doesn?t exist anymore."

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