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The Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) is the first point-of-contact for minority entrepreneurs seeking to sell their products or services to a federal agency. OSDBU officers can orient suppliers and alert them to contracting opportunities. T.J. Garcia, director of the OSDBU at the commerce department, recommends that suppliers first get on the general services administration (GSA) schedule, a popular program in which companies register and state their prices for specific products or services. Managers then buy those products or services without negotiating prices. "The OSDBU can guide and direct [companies] to get on the schedule," says Mr. Garcia. "Of course, they still have to solicit business and conduct their own marketing. It's important to get to know an organization before soliciting. They should do a little homework visit the Web site, review [the agency's] strategic plan, and see where their products or services fit into the purpose of the agency." According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), suppliers should take cues on how and where to market themselves by looking at agency procurement forecasts. Federal law requires agencies to publish what they expect to buy for the coming fiscal year, and the SBA puts these forecasts online at The SBA also advises would-be contractors to register for the 8(a) business development program for minority suppliers, and that they take advantage of OSDBUs in targeted agencies to help in their marketing efforts. The following directory of OSDBUs provides contact information and Web addresses for federal agencies. All OSDBUs on the directory were contacted by Hispanic Business to confirm their status and contact information. AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT OSDBU James House, Director 1400 Independence Ave., SW South Building, #1566 AG STOP 9501 Washington, DC 20250 (202) 720-7117 Fax: (202) 720-3001 COMMERCE DEPARTMENT OSDBU Tlaloc J. Garcia, Director 14th & Constitution Ave., NW Room H6411 Washington, DC 20230 (202) 482-1472 Fax: (202) 482-0501 DEFENSE DEPARTMENT Defense Logistics Agency Thomas D. Ray, Director OSDBU 8725 John J. Kingman Rd. DB, #1127 Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-6221 (703) 767-1661 Fax: (703) 767-1670 Department of the Air Force Joseph Diamond, Director OSDBU 1060 Air Force Pentagon, #5E271 Washington, DC 20330 (703) 696-1103 Fax: (703) 696-1170 Department of the Army Tracy L. Pinson, Director OSDBU 106 Army Pentagon, #2A712 Washington, DC 20310-0106 (703) 697-2868 Fax: (703) 693-3898 Department of the Navy Nancy Tarrant, Director OSDBU 720 Kennon St., SE, #207 Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374 (202) 685-6485 Fax: (202) 685-6965 OSDBU Frank Ramos 1777 N. Kent St., #9100 Arlington, VA 22209 (703) 588-8620 Fax: (703) 588-7561

In Federal Eyes, What Makes a "Small Business"?
Under federal regulations, the definition of a "small business" depends on many factors, including the company's industry, its number of employees, and its revenues. Now the Justice Department plans to look at how the definitions affect contracting set aside by Congress for the small-business sector. According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, California Senator Barbara Boxer has written a letter to the U.S. Attorney's office in Washington, D.C., asking the agency to investigate whether some companies have falsely claimed to qualify as small companies for purposes of federal contracting. The Small Business Administration enforces size standards in procurement, and it has an established procedure for companies to follow if they suspect a competitor is not a small business. For more information, visit the SBA site at Several questionable small companies mentioned in the Los Angeles Times article function as small subsidiaries of large multinational corporations. They include GovConnection, an operation of computer giant PC Connection, and ASAP Software, a subsidiary of Dutch office supply maker Buhrmann Co.
EDUCATION DEPARTMENT OSDBU Viola Jaramillo, Director 600 Independence Ave., SW, #3120 FOB 3 Washington, DC 20202 (202) 708-9820 Fax: (202) 401-6477 ENERGY DEPARTMENT OSDBU Theresa Alvillar-Speake, Director 1000 Independence Ave., SW, #5B-148 Washington, DC 20585 (202) 586-7377 Fax: (202) 586-5488 HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES DEPARTMENT OSDBU Debbie Ridgely, Director 200 Independence Ave., SW, #517D Washington, DC 20201 (202) 690-7300 HOUSING & URBAN DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT OSDBU Jo Baylor, Director 451 Seventh St., SW, #3130 Washington, DC 20410 (202) 708-1428 Fax: (202) 708-7642 INTERIOR DEPARTMENT OSDBU Robert Faithful, Director 1849 C St., NW, #5070 Washington, DC 20240 (202) 208-3493 Fax: (202) 219-2131 JUSTICE DEPARTMENT OSDBU Joseph K. Bryan, Director 1331 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, #1010 Washington, DC 20530 (202) 616-0521 Fax: (202) 616-1717 LABOR DEPARTMENT OSDBU Frederick Trakowski 200 Constitution Ave., NW Room C 2318 Washington, DC 20510 (202) 693-6460 Fax: (202) 693-6485 STATE DEPARTMENT OSDBU Durie White, Director SA-6, #633 Washington, DC 20522 (703) 875-6822 Fax: (703) 875-6825 TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT OSDBU Sean Moss, Director 400 Seventh St., SW, #9414 Washington, DC 20590 (202) 366-1930 Fax: (202) 366-7538 TREASURY DEPARTMENT OSDBU Kevin Boshears, Director 1310 G St., #400 W. Washington, DC 20220 (202) 622-0530 Fax: (202) 622-4963 AGENCY FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT OSDBU LaVerne Drummond, Deputy Director 1300 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, #7.8 RRB Washington, DC 20523 (202) 712-1500 Fax: (202) 216-3056 ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY OSDBU Jeannette L. Brown, Director 401 M Street, SW Code A-1230C Washington, DC 20460 (202) 564-4100 Fax: (202) 501-0756 EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT Thelma Toller, Small Business Specialist 725 Seventeenth St., NW,#5013 Washington, DC 20503 (202) 395-7669 Fax: (202) 395-1155 EXPORT-IMPORT BANK OSDBU Mark Pitra, Manager Contracts & Acquisitions 811 Vermont Ave., NW, #1023 Washington, DC 20571 (202) 565-3338 Fax: (202) 565-3528 FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION Jean Sefchick, Chief, Procurement 6th & Pennsylvania Ave., NW, #701 Washington, DC 20850 (202) 326-2258 Fax: (202) 326-3529 GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION Office of Enterprise Development Boyd K. Rutherford, Associate Administrator 1800 F St., NW, #6029 Washington, DC 20405 (202) 501-1021 Fax: (202) 501-2590
Minority Business Supplier Trends •National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) corporate member purchases from diversity suppliers exceeded $54.3 billion in 2000. •NMSDC corporate purchases from diversity suppliers jumped from $15 billion in 1990 to $54.3 billion in 2000. •Small minority-owned businesses accounted for an estimated $12.58 billion of the total $218.9 billion in federal contracts over $25,000 awarded in FY2000. *SOURCE: U.S. SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, 1999. U.S. GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION, 1999. FEDERAL PROCUREMENT DATA CENTER, 19992000.
MINORITY BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AGENCY OSDBU Ronald N. Langston, Director 14th & Constitution Ave., NW Room H5055 Washington, DC 20230 (202) 482-5061 Fax: (202) 501-4698 OSDBU Raul Quiros, Liaison 14th & Constitution, NW Room H5055 Washington, DC 20230 (202) 482-5061 Fax: (202) 501-4698 NATIONAL AERONAUTICS & SPACE ADMINISTRATION OSDBU Ralph C. Thomas III, Assistant Administrator 300 E St., SW Headquarters Code K, #9K70 Washington, DC 20546 (202) 358-2088 Fax: (202) 358-3261 NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH Office of Contract Management Diana Mukitarian, Chief Small Business Office 6100 Executive Blvd. Bethesda, MD 20892-7540 (301) 496-9639 Fax: (301) 480-2506 NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION OSDBU Donald Senich, Director 4201 Wilson Blvd., #527 Arlington, VA 22230 (703) 292-7082 Fax: (703) 292-9055 NUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSION Office of Small Business & Civil Rights Irene Little, Director 11555 Rockville Pike Mailstop T-2 F18 Rockville, MD 20852 (301) 415-7160 Fax: (301) 415-5953 Office of Small Business & Civil Rights Mauricio P. Vera, Small-Business Program Manager 11555 Rockville Pike Mailstop T-2 F18 Rockville, MD 20852 (301) 415-7160 Fax: (301) 415-5953 SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Office of Government Contracting Linda Williams, Associate Administrator 409 Third St., SW Washington, DC 20416 (202) 205-6460 Fax: (202) 205-6390 SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION OSDBU Era Marshall, Director 750 Ninth St., NW, #8100 Washington, DC 20560-0921 (202) 275-0146 Fax: (202) 275-2055 U.S. POSTAL SERVICE Corporate Supplier & Diversity Dorothy Campbell, Manager 475 L'Enfant Plaza West, SW, #3821 Washington, DC 20260 (202) 268-2019 Fax: (202) 268-6573 VETERANS AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT OSDBU Scott Denniston, Director 810 Vermont Ave., NW Washington, DC 20420 (202) 565-8124 Fax: (202) 565-8156

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