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Barriers to Success
"What do you consider to be the greatest barrier that keeps Latinos from succeeding in the United States?" (Open question)
Language 28.8%
Lack of education 18.8%
Discrimination 14.4%
Hispanics our/themselves 6.3%
Immigration laws 4.3%
The Latino Coalition, 2002 National Hispanic Survey6


"Hispanic Internet users seem to prefer English-language sites."
--Cheskin Research
The Digital World of the U.S. Hispanic

Internet Language Preference
"What is the predominant language of the Internet sites you normally visit?"
English 91%
Spanish 6%
Both 3%
Source: Cultural Access Group, A Tale of Two Cultures: L.A.’s Latino Youth5

"The existence of substantial media support for Spanish in New York … provides ample economic and prestige motivation for oral and literate maintenance. … [This factor] may, in the long run, only delay rather than prevent the demise of Spanish in the Puerto Rican community."
--Pedro Pedraza
Language Maintenance Among New York Puerto Ricans3

Media Usage, Hispanics Ages 14–24
Medium Average Hours/Week
English TV 17
Spanish TV 9
English radio 16
Spanish radio 9
English print 5
Spanish print 1
Source: Cultural Access Group, A Tale of Two Cultures: L.A.’s Latino Youth5

"Spanish-language online retailer Españ has found that few Hispanic Internet shoppers in the United States care whether their shopping destinations are in English or Spanish. The study of 2,000 Internet-ready U.S. Hispanics, commissioned by Españ and conducted by Research & Research Inc., found that 51 percent of respondents are either indifferent to language issues on the Web or are at least comfortable in a bilingual environment. More than 40 percent of survey respondents said that they prefer English sites, as compared to the 8 percent who want Spanish sites."
--Mary Hillebrand
"U.S. Hispanic E-Shoppers Indifferent to Language"
E-Commerce Times

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