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With billings of over $86 million in 2002, HBC's Los Angeles cluster is once again the top-grossing Spanish-language radio group, with KLVE and KSCA, two of the top five individual Spanish-language stations in the country, leading the way. Their "adult contemporary" and "regional Mexican" formats have been a force in the Los Angeles market for years, and prospects continue to look positive.

Spanish Broadcasting System stations dominate the New York market. Two stations, WSKQ ("tropical") and WPAT ("romantic favorites"), had combined revenues of more than $56 million this year. WSKQ is not only the top-grossing Spanish-language station in the country, it is among the nation's top performers across all formats. WSKQ is perennially among the top five Arbitron-rated stations in New York and appears well on its way to a solid recovery after a rough 2001.

Miami continues to be an interesting and highly competitive market for Spanish radio. Both HBC, with revenues of over $40 million, and SBS, at nearly $33 million, have strong clusters in that market. A number of different formats provide advertisers and listeners with plenty of choices and help keep the revenue rolling in for both radio giants in Miami.

HBC still dominates the markets in Houston and Dallas, with a large number of stations in each DMA. HBC's seven stations in Houston reported a combined total of nearly $38 million in revenue in 2002, while the six-station group in Dallas brought in over $21 million. One interesting aspect of the grouping in Houston is the inclusion of two hip-hop stations that broadcast in English.

Rounding out the top 10 are SBS stations (KLAX and KXOL) in Los Angeles, HBC and SBS stations in Chicago, and the reappearance of Liberman Broadcasting's cluster, also in the Los Angeles market.

Combined revenues of the top 10 station groupings increased by more than 5 percent this year an impressive statistic in light of recent market conditions. Strong second-half showings should give Spanish-language stations something to look forward to in 2003.

Two related developments could significantly affect the nation's Spanish-language radio market, however: the SBS antitrust lawsuit against HBC and Clear Channel Communications and the proposed merger involving HBC and Univision (see "Still Percolating").

Spanish Radio's 10 Top-Billers
Stations Format
Location, Owner
% Hispanic Ownership Gross Billings ($M) 2002          2001
1. WSKQ-FM Tropical
New York, SBS
75% $40.00 $37.00
2. KLVE-FM Adult contemporary
Los Angeles, HBC
0% $33.84 $32.85
3. KSCA-FM Regional Mexican
Los Angeles, HBC
0% $33.53 $32.55
4. KLTN-FM Regional Mexican
Houston, HBC
0% $22.79 $22.30
5. WAMR-FM Adult contemporary
Miami, HBC
0% $19.81 $19.14
6. WLEY-FM Regional Mexican
Chicago, SBS
75% $17.90 $16.30
7. WPAT-FM Romantic favorites
New York, SBS
75% $16.30 $15.00
8. WRMA-FM Romantica
Miami, SBS
75% $15.75 $14.58
9. KLNO-FM Regional Mexican
Dallas, HBC
0% $12.24 $11.80
10. KLAX-FM Regional Mexican
Los Angeles, SBS
75% $11.99 $11.64
TOTAL     $224.15 $213.16
Note: HBC = Hispanic Broadcasting Corp.; SBS = Spanish Broadcasting System. 2002 Hispanic Business Inc. Reprinting, copying, or transmitting all or part of this information requires written permission.


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