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VMS Ventures Inc.: Significant Near Solid to Solid Sulphide Mineralization Intersected

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VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- (Marketwired) -- 08/23/13 -- VMS Ventures Inc. (TSX VENTURE: VMS) ("VMS Ventures" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that North American Nickel Inc. (TSX VENTURE: NAN) ("North American Nickel" or "NAN"), issued a press release this morning announcing diamond drill hole MQ-13-026 intersected an 18.62 metre core length of sulphide mineralization averaging approximately 40 - 45% total sulphides, including numerous sections containing 65% to 80% sulphides,. VMS owns approximately 27.5% of NAN. The release is as follows:

"North American Nickel is pleased is pleased to announce that diamond drill hole MQ-13-026 intersected an 18.62 metre core length of sulphide mineralization averaging approximately 40 - 45% total sulphides, including numerous sections containing 65% to 80% sulphides, within noritic host rocks at the Imiak Hill nickel-copper-cobalt zone on the Maniitsoq project.(see MQ-13-026 table) This is the latest of three sulphide intersections, all described in this release, that have been drilled at Imiak Hill in 2013. Drill core has been logged, samples sawed in half and shipped to ALS Chemex in Sweden for analysis. Assay results for all three holes are pending and further drilling is planned.

Figure 1 is a high-resolution photograph that documents the entire 18.62 m long intersection, which includes inclusion-bearing near solid and solid sulphides

NAN COO, Neil Richardson, states: "We are very pleased to report that drill hole MQ 13-026 is the best intersection we have seen to date with intense sulphides clearly present and our BHEM surveys indicate that Imiak Hill is still open down plunge. It is also important to note is that the intensity of the sulphide mineralization, as shown in the three holes referenced in this release is increasing with depth. It is common knowledge that most nickel deposits occur at, or near the base of, mafic intrusions, so we will continue to follow the high grade mineralization down towards the base of the Imiak Hill mafic norite intrusion with additional drilling and borehole geophysics."

MQ-13-026 intersected near solid to solid sulphides with numerous sections containing 65-80% total sulphides, a description of the intersection is given in the table below:

MQ-13-026 Sulphide intersection

----------------------------------------------------------------------------From (m) To (m) Length (m) Description----------------------------------------------------------------------------156.70 157.16 0.46 Norite, well mineralized, 25% sulphide----------------------------------------------------------------------------157.16 161.17 4.01 Norite, near solid sulphide, 75% sulphide----------------------------------------------------------------------------161.17 162.10 0.93 Norite, well mineralized, 20% sulphide----------------------------------------------------------------------------162.10 162.53 0.43 Norite, near solid sulphide, 75% sulphide----------------------------------------------------------------------------162.53 164.00 1.47 Norite----------------------------------------------------------------------------164.00 164.42 0.42 Norite, near solid sulphide, 85% sulphide----------------------------------------------------------------------------164.42 165.20 0.78 Norite, well mineralized, 30% sulphide----------------------------------------------------------------------------165.20 165.94 0.74 Norite, near solid sulphide, 85% sulphide----------------------------------------------------------------------------165.94 166.97 1.03 Norite, 2-3% sulphide----------------------------------------------------------------------------166.97 167.62 0.65 Norite, near solid sulphide, 70% sulphide----------------------------------------------------------------------------167.62 168.00 0.38 Norite----------------------------------------------------------------------------168.00 168.20 0.20 Norite, near solid sulphide, 70% sulphide----------------------------------------------------------------------------168.20 168.77 0.57 Norite, well mineralized, 40% sulphide----------------------------------------------------------------------------168.77 172.07 3.30 Norite, near solid sulphide, 75% sulphide----------------------------------------------------------------------------172.07 172.61 0.54 Norite----------------------------------------------------------------------------172.61 175.32 2.71 Norite, near solid sulphide, 70% sulphide----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Note: the visual percent sulphide estimates and descriptions in this news release are not intended to suggest grades of contained metals, which will require assaying to determine. Mineral percentages are volume not weight.

The MQ-13-026 intersection occurs 142 to 159 m vertically below surface and is currently the deepest at Imiak, which suggests that the intensity of sulphide mineralization in the noritic host rock is increasing with depth. The hole was surveyed with a 3 component bore hole EM (BHEM) system and the mineralization produced an extremely strong "step response" type of anomaly. Interpretation by Crone Geophysics and Exploration Ltd. indicates that the mineralization continues down plunge.

North American Nickel has now delineated three, closely spaced, north-trending, near vertically dipping, steeply south-plunging mineralized zones at Imiak Hill. From east to west the zones have been provisionally named 10, 20 and 30 as shown on the attached plan map (Figure 2). The mineralization in MQ-13-026 correlates with Zone 30. A composite longitudinal section through Imiak Hill with all the intersections to date is included (Figure 3).

Sulphide textures, such as inclusion bearing massive and semi-massive sulphide, in MQ-13-026 are similar to those observed in the mineralized 2012 Imiak drill holes (MQ-12-001 and MQ-12-002); however, the volume percentage of sulphide in MQ-13-026 is significantly higher.

MQ-13-024 intersected a 14.15 metre long interval of well mineralized to semi massive sulphides with an estimated average of 30-35% total sulphides approximately 36 metres up-plunge of MQ-13-026. This intersection also correlates with Zone 30. The hole was surveyed with a Crone 3D BHEM system and the resulting interpreted conductor plate fits well with Zone 30 as outlined from drilling.

MQ-13-024 Sulphide intersection

----------------------------------------------------------------------------From (m) To (m) Length (m) Description----------------------------------------------------------------------------136.75 141.98 5.23 Norite, strongly mineralized 50% sulphide----------------------------------------------------------------------------141.98 145.61 3.63 Norite----------------------------------------------------------------------------145.61 146.53 0.92 Norite strongly mineralized 30-40% sulphide----------------------------------------------------------------------------146.53 148.15 1.62 Norite----------------------------------------------------------------------------148.15 150.90 2.75 Norite, strongly mineralized 50-60% sulphide----------------------------------------------------------------------------150.90 153.31 2.41 Norite 2-3% sulphide----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Note: the visual percent sulphide estimates and descriptions in this news release are not intended to suggest grades of contained metals, which will require assaying to determine. Mineral percentages are volume not weight.

MQ-13-019, located 30 metres up-plunge of MQ-13-024 and 66 metres up-plunge of MQ-13-026 intersected 10.75 metres of sulphide mineralization that also correlates with Zone 30. This mineralization is more disseminated in nature. The hole was surveyed with the Crone BHEM instrument and a late channel (strong) off-hole anomaly was detected below and south of the hole.

MQ-13-019 Sulphide intersection

----------------------------------------------------------------------------From (m) To (m) Length (m) Description----------------------------------------------------------------------------118.09 118.93 0.84 Norite,10-15% sulphide----------------------------------------------------------------------------118.93 120.52 1.59 Norite, 20-25% sulphide----------------------------------------------------------------------------120.52 121.65 1.13 90% sulphide, 10% norite gangue----------------------------------------------------------------------------121.65 128.84 7.19 Norite, 5% sulphide in small massive bands----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Note: the visual percent sulphide estimates and descriptions in this news release are not intended to suggest grades of contained metals, which will require assaying to determine. Mineral percentages are volume not weight.

To conclude, the mineralization at Imiak is open at depth and the geological team continues to develop a geological model that currently includes at least three zones of mineralization. The latest drilling indicates that the mineralization is strengthening with depth, producing late channel off-hole BHEM anomalies.

Since commencing the 2013 field program in late June, NAN has drilled 27 holes totaling 3037 meters at Maniitsoq. Drilling continues.

Collar coordinates for all of the Company's drill holes at Imiak are listed in the table below.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------Hole East North Elevation Azimuth DIP Length Number (m)(i) (m)(i) (masl) ( degrees ) ( degrees ) (m)----------------------------------------------------------------------------MQ-12-001 477455 7257225 546 275 -45 106.07----------------------------------------------------------------------------MQ-12-002 477455 7257225 546 275 -70 173.12----------------------------------------------------------------------------MQ-12-003 477485 7257186 543 275 -73 292----------------------------------------------------------------------------MQ-12-004 477459 7257260 540 275 -45 95.4----------------------------------------------------------------------------MQ-13-019 477484 7257189 546 275 -55 176----------------------------------------------------------------------------MQ-13-020 477490 7257141 532 275 -62 209----------------------------------------------------------------------------MQ-13-023 477484 7257215 547 275 -59 188----------------------------------------------------------------------------MQ-13-024 477497 7257174 547 275 -59 197----------------------------------------------------------------------------MQ-13-025 477475 7257235 545 269 -45 122----------------------------------------------------------------------------MQ-13-026 477490 7257141 532 295 -65 215----------------------------------------------------------------------------(i)WGS84 UTM Zone 22N

Qualified Person

All technical information in this release has been reviewed by Dr. Mark Fedikow, P.Geo, who is the Qualified Person for the Company and President, North American Nickel Inc."

About VMS Ventures Inc:

VMS Ventures Inc. is focused primarily on acquiring, exploring and developing copper-zinc-gold-silver massive sulphide deposits in the Flin Flon-Snow Lake VMS Belt of Manitoba. The Company's VMS project property portfolio consists of the Reed Copper Project, which is subject to a 70-30 JV with HudBay Minerals and, subject to receipt of required permits, is scheduled for production in Q4-2013, Copper Project, McClarty Lake Project, Sails Lake Project, Puella Bay Project and Morton Lake Project. Outside of the Snow Lake camp, the Company holds massive sulphide prospective properties near the past producing Fox Lake and Ruttan copper-zinc mines, near the communities of Lynn Lake and Leaf Rapids in northern Manitoba. These properties are located in the mining friendly province of Manitoba, Canada. The Company also has optioned the Black Creek property in the Sudbury mining camp.

VMS Ventures owns approximately 27.5% of North American Nickel Inc. (TSX VENTURE: NAN). For more information on North American Nickel Inc., please visit

Forward Looking Statement

Some of the statements contained herein may be forward-looking statements which involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties. Without limitation, statements regarding the costs, plans and schedule to develop the Reed Copper Project, potential mineralization and resources, exploration results, and future plans and objectives of the Company are forward-looking statements that involve various risks. The following are important factors that could cause the Company's actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements: changes in the world wide price of mineral commodities, general market conditions, risks inherent in mineral exploration, risks associated with development, construction and mining operations, the uncertainty of future profitability and the uncertainty of access to additional capital. There can be no assurance that forward-looking statements will prove to be accurate as actual results and future events may differ materially from those anticipated in such statements. VMS Ventures Inc. undertakes no obligation to update such forward-looking statements if circumstances or management's estimates or opinions should change. The reader is cautioned not to place undue reliance on such forward-looking statements


Rick Mark, CEO and Chairman

VMS Ventures Inc.

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