Hispanic Republicans Assess Their Party's Failure in 2008

Hispanic political leaders, some Republican and some not, spent the last two weeks assessing and arguing over the Republican Party's failure at the polls on November 4. A key lesson of the election, many declared, is that the Hispanic vote is increasing in strength and will be crucial for any party, be they Republican or Democrat, that desires to win the top national offices. For some Republican leaders, that is a cause for worry.

Hispanic Candidates Hold Their Seats in Congress

The United States Congress gained one Hispanic representative Tuesday after Representative-elect Ben Lujan won an open seat. The other Hispanics running for Congress either held onto their seats or lost to incumbents. In key races, Democratic challengers Rick Noriega, Joe Garcia, and Raul Martinez each lost their respective races, but presented the incumbents with serious competition.

The Hispanic Vote in 2008: The New Kingmaker?

Demonstrating their new potential role as kingmakers on the American political scene, Hispanic voters turned out in record numbers for the 2008 presidential election on Tuesday. Across the country, the Hispanic electorate overwhelmingly cast their ballot for the Democratic candidate, Senator Barack Obama, for president, potentially providing the margin of victory in key states. Hispanics, it seems, have reshaped the political map.

Obama's Victory Speech: Video

President-elect Barack Obama gave a victory speech that was very well received by his crowd of supporters. In it, he was very gracious in his acceptance of Sen. John McCain's concession, and recapped his opponent's long service to the United States as he relayed a message of national solidarity. The entire video can be seen after the jump:

Barack Obama on Death of Grandmother

We've received an official statement from Barack Obama and his sister regarding the death of their grandmother. Full press release after the jump.

'Where Do I Vote?' A Primer on Voting Locations, Sample Ballots and More

After a seemingly never-ending election season, voting day is almost upon us. One of the big questions people are asking is "Where am I registered to vote?" This is important information to verify, as it might be different from prior elections. What follows is information on where to vote, when to vote, and what you'll be voting on. Because everyone (of legal age and status) should be voting!

Florida Race Tightens as Hispanic Vote Shifts

Significant shifts in the political leanings and demographics of Florida's Hispanic voters have enhanced the competitiveness of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama in the 2008 national elections, said the Pew Hispanic Center in a report released this week.

Did You Miss Barack Obama's Infomercial? Here's the Video

Last night, Democratic Presidential candidate, Sen. Barack Obama, made expedient use of his war chest and bought a full 30 minutes during prime time. While Sen. John McCain reportedly dismissed the ad as a "gauzy, feel-good commercial," we wanted to give our readership a chance to catch the video -- and react. Full video after the jump.

Hispanics and the Vote: SVREP's Antonio Gonzalez, Part 2

In part two of our conversation with Antonio Gonzalez, president of the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (SVREP), we get his breakdown on Hispanics' nuanced relationship with the GOP and the DNC. Are their respective strategies bearing fruit with the Hispanic voting bloc?

The Hispanic Vote in 2008 and Beyond: An Interview with Antonio Gonzalez, Part 1

Antonio Gonzalez has been at his job a long time, and he knows his business like the back of his hand. As head of Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (SVREP), Mr. Gonzalez is an expert on the dynamics of voter turnout and the intricacies of American elections. In part one of our interview, we asked Mr. Gonzalez for an update on the Hispanic vote in the 2008 campaign and his views on what that increasing Hispanic electoral muscle means for the future of American politics.

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