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Spy Case Threatens to Sour German-US Ties

German-U.S. relations are facing a new test over a German intelligence employee who reportedly spied for the U.S., with Germany's president saying if the allegations are true, that kind of spying on allies must stop.

Five Factors That Make U.S. Economy a World Beater

How does the U.S. economy do it? Europe is floundering. China faces slower growth. Japan is struggling to sustain tentative gains. Yet the U.S. job market is humming, and the pace of economic growth is steadily rising.

Most Union Members Have Government Ties

Unions representing government workers are expanding while organized labor has been shedding private sector members over the past half-century. A majority of union members today now have ties to a government entity, at the federal, state or local levels.

President Leading Military Citizenship Ceremony

President Obama will preside over an Independence Day citizenship ceremony for service members who signed up to defend the U.S. even though they weren't American citizens.

Positive Economic Numbers, Politicians Hedge Their Bets

After months of steady job growth and unemployment hitting a six-year low, politicians are still reluctant to talk up the U.S. economy.

Dow Sparkles, Topping 17,000 For First Time

A strong jobs report on Thursday helped lift the Dow to a new record with the stock exchange cracking 17,000 for the first time.

Hispanic June Unemployment Remains Flat

Unemployment for U.S. Hispanics rose slightly to 7.8 percent in June.

Job Growth Surges In June, Unemployment Drops to 6.1%

The U.S. economy added a healthy 288,000 jobs last month as payrolls now exceed the pre-2008 recession levels.

Most States Still Lag U.S. in Jobs Recovery

Most states still haven't regained all the jobs they lost in the Great Recession, although the country as a whole has.

How 1964 Civil Rights Act Changed the U.S.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 banned discrimination and segregation on the basis of race, religion, national origin and gender in the workplace, schools, public accommodations and in federally assisted programs.

Jobs Growth Higher Than Expected in June: ADP

The U.S. employment rose higher than expected in June, fueling optimism over continued robust growth in the U.S. labor market.

Are Small Businesses Prepared for Obamacare?

The special federal health exchange serving small businesses is expected to go online this fall, and more states will offer a variety of insurance plans to employees, but don't expect enrollment to take off.

U.S. Auto Sales Maintain Healthy Pace in June

U.S. auto sales slowed slightly in June but still maintained a healthy pace despite a record-setting string of safety recalls at General Motors and a slowdown in truck sales at Ford.

Stronger Manufacturing Surveys Give Stocks a Boost

U.S. stock futures climbed higher ahead of the opening bell, as traders prepare for a monthly look at U.S. manufacturing activity.

Interest Rates Go Up Again on Student Loans

Interest rates go up Tuesday for students taking out new federal loans, in relatively minimal hike that could foreshadow increases to come.

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