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Fed Signals Strong Confidence in U.S. Economy

The Federal Reserve has decided the economy is finally strong enough to withstand a slight pullback in the Fed's stimulus, signalling its strongest confidence in the U.S. economy since the prolonged recession struck six years ago.

Fed Tweaks Policy in Face of Stronger Economy

The U.S. Federal Reserve said starting January it would pull back on mortgage-backed securities purchases and step up its pace of buying Treasury securities.

Budget Deal on Brink of Passing in Senate

A modest, bipartisan budget pact designed to avert another government shutdown and ease the harshest effects of automatic budget cuts is on the brink of passing the Senate.

Vets Vow to Fight for Benefits in Budget Battle

Among the savings in the budget deal before the Senate is an annual 1 percent reduction in cost-of-living increases for military retirees under 62. The move would save the government about $6 billion over the next decade, but veterans groups say it breaks promises made to service members.

The Budget Agreement: White Smoke in D.C.

After years of intense haggling and spectacular posturing in Washington, Republicans and Democrats reached a bipartisan agreement on the U.S. federal budget that seems likely to pass the Senate as soon as Wednesday.

Budget Bill Passes Key Hurdle in Senate

A bipartisan budget bill that would ease some painful budget cuts that would otherwise slam the Pentagon and domestic agencies passed a filibuster threshold in the Senate on Tuesday.

Falling Gas Costs Keep U.S. Consumer Prices Flat

Falling gasoline prices kept U.S. consumer prices flat in November. Inflation remains low across the broader economy, giving the Federal Reserve latitude to continue its extraordinary stimulus program.

Does Budget Deal Signal a Return to Compromise?

Washington witnessed a pair of Christmas miracles last week as the House adopted a budget compromise and Speaker John Boehner bluntly told recalcitrant members of his caucus to toe the line or lose all credibility. Does that mean peace in our time?

Americans Cast Wary Eye on Stock Market Surge

Americans don't expect a bang-up year for the stock market in 2014, according to a new poll, with 40 percent thinking it will stabilize where it is and 39 percent expecting it will drop but not crash.

U.S. Worker Productivity Hits Best Pace in 4 Years

U.S. workers boosted their productivity from July through September at the fastest pace since the end of 2009, after a year of mostly flat growth.

Shoppers Holding Back a Bit on Holiday Spending

U.S. shoppers say they're being cautious with their holiday spending this year despite recent signs of economic growth.

2014 Could Be Shaped by Obamacare vs. Tea Party

Two emerging voting blocs could shape congressional elections in 2014: those who consider Tea Party members extremists and obstructionists, and those who point to the ills of Obamacare and its bungled beginning as proof that it's time for change.

2013: A Dark Year, Despite Rays of Hope

As 2013 began, it seemed the year might bring news headlines offering the public some reassurance or relief. Instead, the year's headlines were often filled with tales of dysfunction, discord and misplaced trust.

Public Support for Labor Unions Hits New Low

Public support for labor unions has plunged in the nation's most populous state, with a plurality of voters saying they do more harm than good, according to a new Field Poll.

Cheap Gas Drives Down U.S. Wholesale Prices Again

U.S. wholesale prices settled lower in November for the third month in a row, pushed down again by cheaper gasoline and lower home heating oil costs. Excluding volatile energy costs, inflation was mostly stable.

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