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Despite Market Unrest, Fed Likely to Pare Stimulus

With Janet Yellen taking over chairmanship of the Federal Reserve this week, she is expected to continue scaling back the economic stimulus.

New Home Sales Dropped 7 Percent in December

New home sales in 2013 were the best in five years but the year ended with two straight months of declines.

Income Inequality and Raising the Minimum Wage

It's little more than a year since thousands took to U.S. streets decrying the disparity between those in the 1 percent of the population that controls a third of the nation's wealth and months since fast food and other minimum wage workers demonstrated, demanding a $15 minimum wage.

Key Findings on Nuclear Force Troubles

The Associated Press has uncovered a series of security lapses and other troubles in the nation's nuclear forces.

Lower Green Energy Costs Give Hope for Global Warming

Extreme weather events such as typhoon Haiyan and superstorm Sandy are proving a 'gamechanger' for public awareness of the threat posed by climate change, Al Gore said at the World Economic Forum on Friday.

Income Inequality Takes Center Stage at Davos

As widening income inequality becomes a dominant theme at the World Economic Forum, business and financial leaders are pointing out that, morality aside, people without money don't buy things.

Billionaires Expect to Be Even Richer Next Year

As billionaires attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, bet on accelerating growth and rising asset prices to make them even richer by this time next year, income inequality is emerging as a key theme for the week.

Sales of Existing Homes Reaches 7-Year High

Existing-home sales in the U.S. rose in December, pushing sales for 2013 to the highest level in seven years, the National Association of Realtors said Thursday.

Weekly Unemployment Claims Consistent With Jobs Growth

The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits ticked up 1,000 last week to a seasonally adjusted 326,000, a level consistent with steady job gains, while the four-week average fell for the third straight week.

Gauge of U.S. Economic Health Rises 0.1 Percent

The Conference Board's index of leading indicators rose modestly in December, suggesting that growth will remain steady early this year.

Risks Discussed at Davos as Recovery Gains Ground

Record low interest rates, ample liquidity and faster growth should sustain the global recovery from financial crisis this year, but an ill-judged move by the Federal Reserve could threaten economic revival worldwide.

Christie Finds Unlikely Allies Among Hispanic Leaders

Hispanic leaders, who are usually aligned with Democrats, are giving Republican Gov. Chris Christie the benefit of the doubt.

Pope Francis Issues Challenge to Leaders in Davos

Pope Francis challenged business leaders assembled at the World Economic Forum in Davos to put their wealth at the service of humanity instead of subjecting most of the world's population to poverty and insecurity.

Janet Yellen Says Don't Call Her Chairwoman

Janet Yellen won't be chairman or chairwoman when she becomes the first woman to head the Federal Reserve on Feb. 1.

CEOs Gloomy About S&P 500 Outlook for 2014

For every company predicting in January that earnings that will beat estimates, 2.5 are projecting results that fall short, matching the worst ratio since the stock market rally began in March 2009.

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