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Senate Shoos in Julian Castro as HUD Secretary

The Senate easily confirmed San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro on Wednesday to head the Department of Housing and Urban Development, boosting the national profile of a potential vice presidential contender in 2016.

Markets Muted as Wall Street Regains Poise

The just-started U.S. earnings season as well China's second quarter GDP figures, due next week, will help investors determine if the recent run up in stock valuations has been justified.

STEM Degrees Mean Better Income and Job Prospects

What you study matters more than which school you went to when it comes to finding a high-paying job after college, according to a report released Tuesday by the Education Department.

Hispanics Lag on Internet Access in High Tech Calif.

Broadband adoption rates have stagnated over the past few years, with access by Hispanics, seniors and others lagging behind that of younger adults and those with higher incomes.

U.S. Job Openings Hit 7-Year High in May

U.S. employers advertised more jobs in May than in any month in the past seven years, a sign that this year's strong hiring trend is likely to continue.

How GM's Ignition Switch Redesign Went Wrong

The fatal ignition switch flaws in General Motors' cars emerged during efforts to improve its vehicles.

Study: Living the American Dream Costs $130,000 a Year

To live the American dream, the average family needs to make about $130,000 a year. Thanks to the recession, it's a dream for a lot of Americans.

Democrats Call on House GOP to Back Bank

Democrats are fighting for a little-known banking agency that helps finance U.S. exports from a group of Republicans who would like it closed.

Rise in Part-Time Workers Has Economists Worried

Economists are worried about the sharp rise in the number of part-time workers who prefer full-time jobs but can't find them.

Spy Case Threatens to Sour German-US Ties

German-U.S. relations are facing a new test over a German intelligence employee who reportedly spied for the U.S., with Germany's president saying if the allegations are true, that kind of spying on allies must stop.

Five Factors That Make U.S. Economy a World Beater

How does the U.S. economy do it? Europe is floundering. China faces slower growth. Japan is struggling to sustain tentative gains. Yet the U.S. job market is humming, and the pace of economic growth is steadily rising.

Most Union Members Have Government Ties

Unions representing government workers are expanding while organized labor has been shedding private sector members over the past half-century. A majority of union members today now have ties to a government entity, at the federal, state or local levels.

President Leading Military Citizenship Ceremony

President Obama will preside over an Independence Day citizenship ceremony for service members who signed up to defend the U.S. even though they weren't American citizens.

Positive Economic Numbers, Politicians Hedge Their Bets

After months of steady job growth and unemployment hitting a six-year low, politicians are still reluctant to talk up the U.S. economy.

Dow Sparkles, Topping 17,000 For First Time

A strong jobs report on Thursday helped lift the Dow to a new record with the stock exchange cracking 17,000 for the first time.

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