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Hispanic Entrepreneurs Short-changed in Texas

Hispanics are under-represented among companies and startups, corporate boards and elected posts in central Texas, but millennials are likely to change that, area business leaders say.

Pending U.S. Home Sales Slid in August

The five-year recovery from the Great Recession has been uneven, such that historically low mortgage rates have failed to propel buying back to usual levels.

Government Takes on the Internet

Should the company that supplies your Internet access be allowed to cut deals with online services such as Netflix, Amazon or YouTube to move their content faster? The Federal Communications Commission is tackling that question this fall after the public submitted a record 3.7 million comments on the subject.

Eric Holder's Departure Clouds Fate of Civil Rights Cases

Civil rights leaders, liberal activists and black lawmakers are left wondering what effect Holder's impending departure will have on the high-profile efforts begun on his watch.

U.S. Economic Rebound in Q2 Surpasses Estimates

The U.S. economy's bounce-back last quarter from a dismal winter was even faster than previously thought, a sign that growth will likely remain solid for rest of the year.

U.S. Consumer Confidence Reaches 14-Week High

The UMich measure of U.S. consumer confidence reached its highest level since July 2013, led by more optimism that the economy and paychecks will grow.

U.S. Economy Grows at Fastest Pace in 2 Years

The U.S. economy expanded at an annual rate of 4.6 percent in the spring, a solid rebound from a dismal winter, in the government's revised GDP figures released on Friday.

Get Ready for Gas at $3 a Gallon This Fall

Gasoline prices typically decline in autumn, but this year they're being pulled even lower by falling global oil prices.

Orders for Durable Goods See Temporary Dip in August

Orders for long-lasting manufactured goods slumped in August as demand for commercial aircraft descended from record highs, but a key category that serves as a proxy for business spending plans rose 0.6 percent.

Dream Job: Sitting on Corporate Board Earns $240K

Arguably the most lucrative, best-paying part-time gig in Corporate America is serving as a director at a major public company.

Middle-Class Squeeze: From Day Care to Health Care

There's little doubt that middle-class families are feeling the strain of higher costs from day care to health care.

Sales of U.S. New Homes Soar in August

In yet another sign the housing market has rebounded, sales of new homes in the U.S. has posted strong numbers the past two months.

Hispanic Enterprises Drive U.S. Economy

The number of Hispanic-owned businesses should hit 3.2 million by the end of 2014, growing at more than twice the rate of other ethnicities since 2007, with revenues exceeding $486 billion this year alone.

U.N. Asks Leaders to Set Course on Climate Change

Challenged by the United Nations chief to set a new course for a warming globe and reverse the rise of heat-trapping gases, world leader after world leader Tuesday made promises of billions of dollars and better care of planet Earth.

U.S. Cracks Down on Overseas Tax Dodge

The Obama administration announced new rules Monday on so-called tax inversions, aiming to curb a spate of American companies shifting overseas in an attempt to dodge U.S. taxes.

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