News Briefs

Small Plane, Escorted by Fighters, Crashes Near Jamaica

Trailed much of the way by two U.S. fighter jets, a small plane with an unresponsive pilot flew a ghostly 1,700-mile journey down the East Coast on Friday before finally crashing off the coast of Jamaica.

Hispanic Unemployment Bucks National Trend

The unemployment rate for U.S. Hispanics dipped slightly in August, bucking a national trend of slow hiring, according to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Friday.

Estonia Security Officer Kidnapped, Taken to Russia

An Estonian security police officer was kidnapped and taken to Russia, Estonia's general prosecution office and the Estonian security police office said in a joint press release on Friday.

Californians Could Lose Health Insurance

Nearly 100,000 Californians could lose their health-care coverage by Sept. 30 if they don't provide the right documents to prove their eligibility, state officials said.

Kroger to Hire 20,000 Workers

Supermarket chain Kroger said Friday it will hire about 20,000 workers to fill permanent jobs.

Median Income Drops for All but the Richest: Fed

The richest 10 percent of Americans were the only group whose median incomes rose in the past three years, the Federal Reserve said Thursday in a report on consumer finances.

Bigfoot-like Creature Leaves Tracks in Mississippi

A pair of Mississippi men said they had close encounters with a Bigfoot-like creature on separate occasions near the same playground.

Hunger Persists in U.S. Despite Improvements

High rates of hunger persisted in the U.S. in 2013, with 49 million Americans unable to consistently eat nutritious food. Hunger declined slightly between 2011 and 2013.

Dreadnoughtus May Shed Light on Huge Dinosaurs

Researchers studying the remains of an enormous dinosaur have given it an equally colossal name: Dreadnoughtus, or "fearing nothing."

U.S. Jobless Claims Rose Slightly Last Week

Although more Americans sought unemployment benefits last week, the total number receiving aid remained at its lowest level in more than seven years.

Average U.S. 30-Year Mortgage Rate Stays Steady

The average 30-year U.S. mortgage rate this week remained at a 52-week low of 4.1 percent for the third straight week.

Great White Shark Attacks Kayakers

A seal-watching trip by two Massachusetts kayakers turned terrifying as the pair encountered a great white shark.

Ukrainians Stop Russian Tanks Near Key Seaport

Ukraine's U.N. ambassador says a convoy of Russian tanks and armored vehicles has moved from the resort town of Novoazovsk toward the key port of Mariupol and was stopped by Ukrainian forces and civilians.

U.S. Service Firms Grow at Fastest Pace on Record

The Institute for Supply Management said Thursday its services index rose to 59.6 last month from 58.7 in July. The August figure is the highest recorded since the measure was introduced in January 2008.

Asteroid Will Buzz the Earth This Weekend

A newly discovered asteroid will approach within 25,000 miles over Earth this weekend, with best views over New Zealand.

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