News Briefs

Airport Screenings Announced as Ebola Fear Spreads

Federal officials announced plans to screen international passengers for Ebola at five major U.S. airports, while hospitals around the country continue to isolate patients showing Ebola-like symptoms.

Ebola Is Biggest Challenge Since AIDS, CDC Says

The Ebola outbreak is the biggest global health challenge since the emergence of AIDS, a top US health official said Thursday during an address at the World Bank.

Jobs Fair Seeks Independent Living Facilitators

InAlliance, a Sacramento nonprofit that supports people with developmental disabilities, is hosting two job fairs this month to fill more than 60 positions.

Global Economy Under Threat Despite Rising U.S.

Though braced by a resurgent U.S., the global economy is under threat from Europe and Latin America to China and Japan, where growth is stalling and prospects remain dim.

Jobless Claims Under 300,000 for 4th Week

Slightly fewer Americans sought unemployment benefits last week, pushing the average number of applications in the past month to an eight-year low.

Mortgage Rates Dip for 3rd Straight Week

Mortgage company Freddie Mac said Thursday that the nationwide average for a 30-year loan fell to 4.12 percent from 4.19 percent last week, making it more affordable to borrow to buy a home.

U.S. Wholesale Stockpiles Climbed in August

U.S. wholesalers restocked warehouses in August at the fastest pace since April, but wholesale sales fell by the most since January.

Copyright Attorney Tapped to Lead Authors Guild

Copyright attorney and former Library of Congress digital director Mary Rasenberger has been named executive director of the Authors Guild.

Putin Suspected of Cyber Attack on JPMorgan

The White House was aware of the cyber attack on JPMorgan and nine other financial institutions as part of newly implemented national security standards, but were unable to determine its source.

Phoenix Residents Bugged By Mosquito Surge

Arizona's barrage of rain storms in recent months has brought in an unlikely pest to the desert region: mosquitoes.

Fed Pegs Rate Increase to Economic Data

Federal Reserve officials agreed at the Sept. 16-17 meeting that they would begin raising interest rates only when measures of the economy's health and inflation signaled the time was right.

U.S. Stocks Jump Up as Fed Sees More Low Rates

The U.S. stock market is rising sharply after the Federal Reserve signaled that it's not in a hurry to raise interest rates.

Ebola Fatality Duncan Had Been Trying for Years to Get to U.S.

Thomas Eric Duncan, the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the U.S., grew up next to a leper colony in Liberia and was forced to flee from years of war before returning to his country.

FOMC Minutes From September: Full Text

The full text of the minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee meeting held on Sept. 16.

Is Bigfoot a Space Alien?

Organizers of an upcoming Pennsylvania UFO conference said topics up for discussion at the event will include the possibility that Bigfoot could be a visitor from outer space.

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