News Briefs

Hispanic Enterprises Weather Hard Times in Detroit

As Detroit negotiates its way to a better economic future, Hispanic investment in that effort will be critical to its success.

Will U.S. Ever Have Cheap Gas Again?

Instability in the Middle East is being blamed for a recent increase in gas prices nationwide, but increased domestic production and more efficient cars could bring prices down again.

Georgia Schools Won't Arm Teachers Despite New Law

Georgia school leaders are turning down a new option to allow teachers to pack heat, arguing that it doesn't make kids any safer and creates more problems.

Hispanics No Longer Fastest-growing Group

Slowing Hispanic immigration and birth rates are shifting U.S. population growth toward Asians, but non-Hispanic whites remain the largest group overall, the Census Bureau reported.

Hispanic Population Booms in Wisconsin

While Wisconsin's largest Hispanic populations have been in Milwaukee, Dane and Brown counties, their rapidly growing numbers in other areas have become a phenomenon.

Ukraine, EU Ink Historic Deal Despite Russia

Ukraine's president signed an economic and political pact with the European Union on Friday, pushing his troubled country closer into a European orbit over the protests of Russia.

Nigerian Pop Singer Offers Her Virginity for Return of Kidnapped Girls

Adokiye Ngozi Kyrian said she would not mind "losing her virginity" to Boko Haram members to secure the release of 300 girls kidnapped by the terrorist group.

Which Countries Have the Highest 'Goodness' Quotient?

A new index that ranks countries by their "goodness" has yielded some surprising results and a lot of angry emails.

Kurds Retain Control of Kirkuk Oil Fields

Kurdish forces now call the shots at Kirkuk's labyrinth of oil installations that they stepped in to protect when Iraqi military units in the area disintegrated in the face of ISIL attacks.

Iraq Army Claims Control of Baiji Refinery

The Iraqi army said Thursday it had taken full control of the Baiji refinery, Iraq's largest petroleum refining complex, but some parts may still be in insurgent hands.

U.S. Personal Income Meets Forecasts

U.S. personal spending increased less than expected in May, but personal income figures met forecasts, Commerce Department data showed on Thursday.

Companies Lay Off Fewer Workers Despite Slowdown

The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits dipped last week, indicating that a sharp economic slowdown earlier this year hasn't caused employers to cut jobs.

Montana Lands $5 Million Job-training Grant

Montana received a $5.125 million federal grant to help with job training for the long-term unemployed.

Is Flu Spray OK for Kids?

When it comes to flu vaccines, a federal panel says, a squirt in the nose is better than a shot in the arm for young children.

Pontifex Out-Clouts BarackObama on Twitter

Pope Francis hmay not have as many Twitter followers as President Obama, but he's the most influential person on the Twittersphere.

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