News Briefs

Hackers Leak 200,000 Snapchat Photos Following Threats

Up to 200,000 explicit photos obtained from Snapchat users have been published online.

Why Low Fuel Prices May Be Bad for Economy

If you're a driver, a shipper or an airline, low oil prices sure feel nice. But there's a downside to the recent plunge in oil prices, and not just for the oil industry.

Typhoon Vongfong Makes Landfall in Japan

Typhoon Vongfong made landfall on Monday on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu, causing the disappearance of at least one person and injuring 52 others, authorities said.

Woman Finds Leech Up Her Nose

Daniela Liverani, of Edinburgh, Scotland, came home from a trip to Vietnam with an unpleasant souvenir up her nose.

How Much Do You Know About Christopher Columbus?

Christopher Columbus was a pretty important guy. So we've rounded up some obscure Columbus facts you can use to impress people at parties.

Ford Hiring 850 to Build New Truck

Ford is hiring 850 workers to help build its new F-150 pickup truck in the Dearborn area.

1 in 4 U.S. Hispanics Still Lack Health Insurance

A year after open enrollment for the ACA began, one-quarter of Hispanics living in the U.S. lack health insurance, more than any other ethnic population in the country.

Cincinnati Children's Hiring 200 Nurses, Therapists

Expansions at Cincinnati Children's Liberty Campus will create jobs for registered nurses, medical assistants, advance practice nurses and therapists.

Cincinnati Hospital, Krogers Hiring in Ohio

There were two pieces of need-to-know job news within the last week for Cincinnati-area job seekers.

Insured in U.S. Still Struggle With Medical Bills

Overall, 1 in 4 privately insured U.S. adults say they don't have much confidence in their ability to pay for a major, unexpected medical expense.

CDC Blames Breach in Protocol for Dallas Ebola Case

The director of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta said Sunday that the agency "is deeply concerned" to learn that "a breach in protocol" at a Dallas hospital resulted in a health-care worker becoming infected with the Ebola virus.

Kmart Registers Hacked, Credit Card Information Stolen

Sears Holdings Corporation, which owns Kmart, has announced Kmart store cash registers have been infected with malware for about a month and credit and debit card information was stolen.

Drinking Coffee Daily May Improve Liver Health

Researchers at the National Cancer Institute say people who drink coffee every day are doing well by their livers, improving the organ's function and potentially staving off disease.

Lung Cancers Can Remain Dormant for 20 Years, Says Study

Some lung cancers can remain dormant for as long as 20 years before turning aggressive and quickly metastasizing. Researchers learned as much after studying tumor growth in seven lung cancer patients, including smokers, ex-smokers and a patient who had never smoked.

New $3.7B Gas Line Proposed for Ala., Ga., Fla.

A proposal to build a $3.7 billion pipeline carrying natural gas from Alabama into Florida is raising protests from Georgia landowners.

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