News Briefs

Source of Bigfoot Hairs Discovered

Oxford geneticist Bryan Sykes and other researches analyzed more than 30 hair samples "attributed to yeti, bigfoot and other anomalous primates."

Most States Still Lag U.S. in Jobs Recovery

Most states still haven't regained all the jobs they lost in the Great Recession, although the country as a whole has.

Hurricane to Give Carolinas a Wet and Windy 4th of July

Tropical Storm Arthur is expected to reach hurricane strength as it moves up the Carolina coast Thursday and Friday during the beach resorts' biggest holiday of the year.

Graceland May Remove Presley's Old Airplanes

Tourists from around the world have paid money to get a look at two airplanes once owned by Elvis Presley at Graceland in Memphis and now those planes could be gone.

Nicolas Sarkozy Charged With Corruption

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy was charged Wednesday with influence peddling and corruption after police questioned him for 15 hours.

Janet Yellen Shrugs Off 'Pockets' of Risk-Taking

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said Wednesday she doesn't see a need to raise interest rates to defuse a risk that extremely low rates could destabilize the financial system.

U.S. Factory Orders Fell More Than Expected in May

U.S. factory orders dropped by a seasonally adjusted 0.5 percent in May, underlining concerns over the U.S. economic outlook, official data showed on Wednesday.

Lawsuit: Raj Rajaratnam Tried to Buy Influence in Prison

A former assistant to hedge-fund founder Raj Rajaratnam says he was asked to help funnel money from his boss to other inmates at a federal prison in Massachusetts.

Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan CEO, Diagnosed With Throat Cancer

Jamie Dimon, head of U.S. banking giant JPMorgan Chase, has confirmed he is being treated for throat cancer, but said his illness is curable.

Raffaele Sollecito Distances Himself From Amanda Knox

Raffaele Sollecito, Amanda Knox's ex-boyfriend, spoke publicly about their murder conviction in Rome on Tuesday as the two prepare to appeal their murder convictions in Italy.

'Flying Saucer' Crash Lands in Pacific Near Hawaii

NASA has tested new technology designed to bring spacecraft safely down to Mars, with the agency declaring the experiment a qualified success even though a giant parachute got tangled on the way down.

Which States Are the Worst Abusers of Painkillers?

Powerful painkillers have been driving the nation's rise in overdose deaths, and now the government is singling out the states where doctors write the most prescriptions.

Job Prospects Look up for Liberal Arts Grads

Liberal arts grads have wandered an employment desert in recent years, with entry-level jobs going to business and tech majors. Now things are looking up.

Robots Soon Will Write Earnings Stories for AP

The Associated Press revealed Monday it will employ the story-writing software by start-up Automated Insights to automate the production of U.S. corporate earnings stories.

Measles Outbreak Complicates 2 Big Amish Events

Health officials in Ohio's Amish country are worried about the measles which has already beenthe nation's largest outbreak in two decades.

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