News Briefs

Chicago PMI Hit 3-month Low in June

Chicagoland manufacturing activity expanded at a slower rate than expected in June, underlining concerns over the U.S. economic outlook.

Missing Israeli Teens Found Dead

Three Israeli teenagers, missing since the middle of June and presumed kidnapped, were found dead Monday near Hebron in the West Bank.

Judge Dismisses George Zimmerman Suit Against NBC

A Florida judge on Monday dismissed the defamation lawsuit filed by George Zimmerman against NBC and three reporters, saying the former neighborhood watch leader failed to show the network acted with malice.

Bulgaria Arrests Brokers in Banking 'Plot'

Two brokers have been charged with plotting to undermine Bulgaria's top banks by spreading rumors of their instability.

Bilingualism, Biculturalism Rewarded in Schools

Dual-language programs have gained popularity across the country as employers seek bilingual, bicultural workers, and more parents view bilingualism as necessary for their children's success in a globalized world.

Carnegie Medals Awarded to Donna Tartt, Doris Kearns Goodwin

The medals each come with a $5,000 cash prize and were presented Saturday at the American Library Association's annual gathering in Las Vegas, where parts of "The Goldfinch" are set. The awards, founded in 2012, are managed by the library association and funded through a grant from the Carnegie Corp. of New York.

McCarthy, Shepherd Leaving 'The View'

Both Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy are expected to be on hand when the show resumes live broadcasts the week of July 7. Then they'll make their official departure when the end-of-season hiatus starts a month later.

Americans Spend More than $350 on Beer per Year

New research by FinancesOnline shows that the top beer consuming countries also pay the most for their beer. Americans didn't crack the top 10.

Rhythmlink Adding Jobs on Packaging Line

A $1.4 million investment is expected to create an additional 50 new jobs over the next five years as medical device manufacturer Rhythmlink International expands its South Carolina facility.

Hispanics, Blacks, Women Largely Excluded From Tech Jobs

The technology industry's predominantly white and Asian male workforce is in danger of losing touch with its diverse customer base.

Mexican Helicopter Fired on U.S. Border Patrol in Arizona

Border patrol units say the Mexican law enforcement helicopter crossed into U.S. airspace and shot at them, but Mexican authorities deny both allegations.

Hispanic Enterprises Weather Hard Times in Detroit

As Detroit negotiates its way to a better economic future, Hispanic investment in that effort will be critical to its success.

Will U.S. Ever Have Cheap Gas Again?

Instability in the Middle East is being blamed for a recent increase in gas prices nationwide, but increased domestic production and more efficient cars could bring prices down again.

Georgia Schools Won't Arm Teachers Despite New Law

Georgia school leaders are turning down a new option to allow teachers to pack heat, arguing that it doesn't make kids any safer and creates more problems.

Hispanics No Longer Fastest-growing Group

Slowing Hispanic immigration and birth rates are shifting U.S. population growth toward Asians, but non-Hispanic whites remain the largest group overall, the Census Bureau reported.

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