News Briefs

Russian Troops Sighted in Major Ukraine Cities: Kiev

Ukrainian official said Tuesday that Russian forces have been spotted in Donetsk and Luhansk in eastern Ukraine.

Dollar Makes Comeback as Europe Founders

The dollar continued to strengthen Tuesday amid further signs that the U.S. economy is picking up.

Man Decapitates Himself in the Bronx

Bronx resident Tomas Rivera, 51, died by self-decapitation Monday.

Revel Closes Atlantic City Casino

Revel's Atlantic City casino closed down at dawn Tuesday, leaving 2,800 people without jobs.

E.U. Offers New Sanctions Against Russia

European officials proposed sweeping new sanctions on Tuesday to starve Russia's companies of capital and technology as punishment for Moscow's military intervention in Ukraine.

Amnesty International Accuses Islamic State of Ethnic Cleansing

Amnesty International accused Islamic State in Iraq and Levant fighters of "systematic ethnic cleansing" in northern Iraq, as Iraqi troops, Kurdish fighters and Shiite militiamen backed by U.S. air strikes fought back against the jihadists.

Muscular Dystrophy Telethon Raises $56.9 Million

The Muscular Dystrophy Association's nationally broadcast annual telethon raised more than $56.9 million in contributions over the Labor Day weekend.

If the Deficit's So Bad, Where's the Red Ink?

Where are those who were saying the U.S. was spending so much that there was a risk of a government default, as in Greece or Argentina?

Health Care Hiring Up, Wages Down

The traditionally high-paying health-care sector has carried Minnesota's job recovery in recent years, but most of the health jobs created in there since the end of 2008 are in lower-paying roles.

Ferguson to Get 200 Claims Processing Jobs

Centene Corp. has selected Ferguson, the site of unrest following the police shooting of Michael Brown, as the location for a new claims processing facility, with plans to bring up to 200 jobs to the city.

Haney Truck Line Hiring Drivers

Demand for truck drivers nationwide is strong, and the Yakima Valley reflects that trend.

Men Are the Big Winners in the Jobs Recovery

As the recovery from the recession continues, men are picking up the greater share of the jobs being added.

New Jersey OKs Trump Plaza Shutdown

New Jersey casino regulators have given final approval to Trump Plaza's plan to shut down in two weeks.

U.S. Home Prices Rose at Slower Pace in July

U.S. home prices rose in July but at a slower rate compared with earlier this year, which could make homes more affordable.

Manufacturing in U.S. at Fastest Pace in 3-1/2 Years

U.S. manufacturing grew in August at the strongest pace in more than three years as factories cranked out more goods and new orders rose.

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