News Briefs

Market Loses All of July's Gains in One Day

U.S. stocks had their worst one-day drop since February as traders worried about weak corporate earnings and the end of economic stimulus from the Fed.

Notorious RBG Tells All in Couric Interview

In an interview with Katie Couric, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said the court's male justices have a blind spot when it comes to women's issues, but expressed hope that they could change.

NASA Plans to Make Oxygen on Mars

NASA plans to make oxygen -- a key ingredient of rocket fuel -- on Mars early next decade.

Why Investors Like Petit Stocks Over Small Ones

Stocks of smaller U.S. companies have dropped this year following warnings they've become too expensive, but investors continue to buy stocks of smaller companies based in Italy, South Korea and elsewhere.

Argentine Defaults on Debt Again

Argentina negotiators have ailed to reach an agreement with New York investment companies to avert the country's second default in 13 years.

Investigators Gain Access to MH17 Crash Site

International investigators regained access to the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash site on Thursday, after nearly a week of fighting in the area.

Seattle Cop Reassigned for Harshing City's Buzz

The Seattle P.D. has reassigned an officer who apparently made it his personal crusade to provide city residents with pot citations.

Homeowners More Satisfied With Mortgage Servicers

Overall satisfaction with the way mortgage servicers handle billing, payment processing, escrow accounts and their websites and phone contact rose for the second consecutive year.

U.S. Employment Costs Rise 0.7 Percent in Q2

U.S. employment costs rose at the fastest pace since September 2008 in the second quarter, official data showed on Thursday.

Russia's Putin Caught in Bind Over Ukraine Crisis

Vladimir Putin is caught between a determined West demanding he disavow pro-Russian insurgents in Ukraine and nationalists at home urging him to send in the Russian army.

Ebola Deaths Top 700 in West Africa

The worst recorded Ebola outbreak in history surpassed 700 deaths in West Africa as the WHO announced dozens of new fatalities.

U.S. Jobless Claims Rise, but So Does Hiring

Employers added 288,000 jobs in June, the fifth straight month of job gains above 200,000. That's the first such stretch since 1999, during the height of the dot-com boom.

Century-Old Pipe Break Points to National Problem

A ruptured 93-year-old water main left the UCLA campus awash in 8 million gallons of water

Boeing: South Carolina Plant to Do 787-10 Final Assembly

Boeing said final assembly of its 787-10 plane, a planned larger version of its "Dreamliner" aircraft, will take place in South Carolina.

Fed Tapers Stimulus Again on Robust Economic Data

The Federal Reserve has decided to reduce asset purchasing to $25 billion a month amid strong growth and jobs data in the April-June quarter.

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