Big Banks Edging into Biometrics

Most people hear the word biometrics and visualize something like a retina scan at FBI headquarters. But retail banks, too, are getting into the business of data-mapping human characteristics.

Microsoft Finds Fertile Ground for Growth in Asia

Those who have watched Microsoft fall further and further behind Apple and Google in the device business may think the company has completely lost its way. But the view's very different for Cesar Cernuda, president of the company's Asia Pacific business, selling software, services and devices in 39 countries and territories with 1 billion people.

Coffee Rust Reaches New Heights in Central America

The spread of rust has prompted growers to adopt new measures, such as "stumping," the practice of pruning trees of all infected vegetation in hopes of encouraging them to regrow with greater vibrancy. They are also using fungicides and installing shade covers, which appear to help keep the fungus at bay.

AMD Plans to Become Less Reliant on PCs

While AMD leadership insists that the company isn't abandoning PCs, there's a clear acknowledgement that the PC market is not what it used to be.

Arch Coal Workers Accused of Taking Kickbacks

Federal prosecutors have accused 10 people of taking part in a kickback scheme at an Arch Coal mine in West Virginia.

Valeant Adds Some Sugar to Allergan Offer

Valeant Pharmaceuticals sweetened its offer to buy Botox maker Allergan for the second time this week.

Fund Investors Look Abroad for Dividends

U.S. companies have boosted dividends and paid a record amount last year, but many mutual-fund managers say the most attractive dividend stocks are still outside the country.

Europe Tells Google: Don't Be Evil

Google bowed to a European court ruling to consider users' claims to remove embarrassing search results, acknowledging it has an image problem in Europe.

U.K. Will Factor Drugs, Prostitution Into GDP

Britain's Office of National Statistics said revenue from prostitution and illegal drugs will be counted when calculating the country's quarterly gross domestic product.

BNP Paribas Faces $10 Billion Fine

BNP Paribas, France's biggest bank, is reported to be facing a fine of more than $10 billion to settle allegations that it violated U.S. sanctions against Iran and other countries.

Tyson Enters Food Fight for Hillshire

Tyson Foods on Thursday made a $6.2 billion offer for Hillshire Brands, topping a bid made two days earlier by rival poultry producer Pilgrim's Pride.

Hachette Fight With Amazon Could Last Awhile

Amazon is wading against a rising chorus of criticism about its decision to limit the supply of books from publisher Hachette Book Group.

Irwindale Hot Sauce Controversy Cools Off

Huy Fong Foods, makers Sriracha hot sauce, will be allowed to keep its manufacturing plant in Southern California after local politicians voted to drop a lawsuit and public nuisance declaration.

Medtronic Settles Whistleblower Suit for $9.9 Million

Medical device maker Medtronic will pay the U.S. Department of Justice $9.9 million to settle a lawsuit that accused the company of giving doctors gifts in return for using its defibrillators and pacemakers.

Costco Net Income Rises in Q3

Costco Wholesale Corp.'s net income rose 3 percent in the third-quarter as the warehouse club operator's sales and membership fees improved.

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