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Inside the April 2011 Issue

Million-Dollar Idea

Make Mine a Million $ Business helps Hispanic female business owners grow their enterprises. ...continue

Susana Martinez Woman of the Year 2011

First Hispanic woman governor sees results as key to her success. ...continue

Corner Office: The 500 and Debt Limit

The Woman of the Year class of 2011 certainly lives up to the tradition -- a tradition now 9 years old -- of adhering to a very consistent repertoire. ...continue

Comcast Signs On to Diversity

Gone is the peacock, President and CEO Jeff Zucker, and the space in the logo that separated "NBC" from "Universal," deleted when Comcast Corp., the nation's largest cable provider, took majority control in January of what is now known as NBCUniversal LLC in a $14 billion deal with General Electric. ...continue

Rights Fighter

Hank Lacayo has spent his life following the call to civic duty, campaigning for worker's rights and furthering the development of U.S. Hispanic leadership. ...continue

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