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Inside the January/February 2011 Issue

New Horizons for Growth at GE

Leaning forward on the edge of a couch in a suite at one of Washington's premier hotels, Luis Manuel Ramirez, CEO of GE's Industrial Solutions division, emits energy like one of GE's new WATT electric vehicle chargers. ...continue

Diversity Advantage -- Gil Casellas has spent a lifetime advancing corporate responsibility

Mr. Casellas says the "people" part of the sustainability equation is a key ingredient because if you establish a work force that is a reflection of your community, you gain a competitive advantage and everyone benefits. The corporation gets a work force that is in tune with the buying public and with local vendors and suppliers. The community gets assistance with employment-related issues like education and poverty. ...continue

Corner Office: Amid Vicissitudes

Market dynamics have been swinging wide, going from recession to recovery since 2007. One afternoon in October of that year, Citigroup Inc.'s CEO received news from his CFO that ultimately wrecked careers and upended markets. Days earlier Merrill Lynch & Co. had faced its own inner demons. ...continue

USHLI's Growing Clout!

Consider it's the year 2025. What will be in store for the United States? Alternativefuel automobiles gracing the highways? New electronic devices that make work easier and leisure time more relaxing? At least 50,000 Hispanics elected to political office nationwide? ...continue

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