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Inside the April 2010 Issue

Woman of the Year: Thelma Melendez de Santa Ana (EXCLUSIVE)

Now a Top U.S. Education Official, She Experienced the Best and Worst of Public Education as a Child ...continue

Progress of Hispanic Women Slowed by Economic Downturn, But Ascent Continues

Every April, HispanicBusiness Magazine tracks this progress, and recognizes the strides made by some of this nation's outstanding Hispanic women. ...continue

Alicia Abella: A 'Change Agent' For AT&T, Also a Mentor to Young People

In her capacity as Executive Director of Innovative Services Research at AT&T Labs, she led a group of researchers dedicated to eliminating the need for plane travel and other commuting methods that potentially harm the environment or overuse energy resources. ...continue

Food Network Star, Cookbook Author, and Mom: The Recipe of Daisy Martinez (EXCLUSIVE)

If you subscribe to the theory that a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a television show is probably worth tens of thousands. And perhaps sampling authentic, exciting, and delicious cuisine is worth millions. Daisy Martinez aims to bring you all three. ...continue

Carmen Nazario: Assistant Secretary for Children and Families, Woman of the Year Finalist (EXCLUSIVE)

Carmen Nazario knows about the condition of children and families in America probably as well as anyone. As the newly appointed Assistant Secretary for Children and Families, Ms. Nazario is on the front lines of delivering services to the nation's most vulnerable populations. ...continue

A Tale of Two Parties

Anyone seeking quasi objective, factual information on the jobs or health care legislation would not look to Washington for transparency. Washington reeks of partisanship. Growing up I recall moderates having real say in both parties. That's gone. ...continue

Tech Vault: Recharge Right at Your Workstation with Electric Moka Pot

One of the coolest gadgets I've seen is the DeLonghi EMK6 Alicia Electric Moka Espresso Coffee Maker. Extended nomenclature aside, this device simply allows one to easily enjoy good, fresh coffee at one's desk, both increasing the pleasure of your morning joe (as it couldn't be fresher) and reducing your need to visit the break room . . . or, indeed, consume what passes for "coffee" in most offices. ...continue

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