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The Construction Industry Is Ailing -- Is the Stimulus Package the Cure?

If the unemployment rate nationwide is through the roof, then the jobless rate of the construction sector is in the clouds. But a massive $787 billion stimulus package could infuse new life into the nation's construction industry, spark thousands of new jobs and reinvigorate an economy deeply in the doldrums. Of the total, $27.5 billion is slated to benefit construction companies working on highways and bridges. Billions more will be devoted to construction projects in other domains. But will it help? ...continue

Foundations' Philanthropy in the Spotlight

The competitive world of minority nonprofit funding assumed this year a more aggressive and edgy posture toward large-scale public foundations that fund diverse social and cultural programs. As nonprofits look to survive the current economic conditions, there is an effort mounting nationwide to influence big foundations to disclose the racial/ethnic makeup of the nonprofits to which they give money. It's a move ultimately designed to get more financing flowing to minority-run nonprofit organizations. ...continue

Is It Tough Enough? Make it Tougher With the InvisibleSHIELD

What would we do without our cell phones? A decade ago they were merely a convenience. With added features like Internet, e-mail, GPS, extended coverage, unlimited minutes, and mobile messaging, their importance has eclipsed most other forms of personal business technology. Naturally, we want to protect them. The Zagg invisibleSHIELD is a film that is custom-cut for your device. When properly applied, the clear sticker protects your phone and is barely noticeable. In other words, the compelling form that prompted you to pick that smartphone in the first place does not need ...continue

Stimulus Package Boosts Green Jobs--a Wave of Alternate Energy Opportunities is Expected

Renewable energy and so-called green initiatives are only a fraction of the bulging stimulus package that President Obama envisions creating or protecting 3.5 million jobs over the next two years. As part of it, he calls for a doubling of the amount of renewable energy produced in this country during the next three years. People in the industry, indeed, appear to be gearing up for a new era in energy development. ...continue

Corner Office: Forging Ahead

Amid persisting news about an uncertain economy, it is inspiring that nonprofit organizations continue to forge ahead in the face of multifaceted challenges. In the 10 years this story has appeared in these pages, finally Hispanic nonprofits report what could turn out to be an institutional milestone. With the help of community human resources, they have made a breakthrough of sorts in their efforts to catch the attention of large California foundations. ...continue

Hispanic Business' 2009 Top Nonprofit Organizations

Hispanic Business Magazine's 2009 list of top nonprofit organizations. ...continue

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