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Inside the January/February 2009 Issue

CEO Forecast: With Cloudy Economy, Executives Turn to Government Contracting

In light of the tough economy, Hispanic Business magazine interviewed CEOs about their plans to weather the recession and remain economically viable in 2009. In doing so, we took a look at key business sectors with one major question in mind: When will the economy recover? No one knows for sure, but the executives agree that the turnaround might be quicker than we think. ...continue

Obama Sets a Record With His Appointments of Hispanics to Cabinet

Three months before Election Day, prominent Hispanic leaders sat down with Barack Obama. The polls showed Mr. Obama riding high and possibly making history as the country's first African-American president. The buzz in the halls of Washington was that diversity would follow the new president into the White House. The mission that summer day was clear. The leaders wanted Hispanics to fill powerful posts in a future Democratic administration. ...continue

2009 Corporate Elite--The Complete List

From high tech to hotels, food to fashion, check out our top 25 executives for 2009: ...continue

Economic Outlook 2009: In Search of New Tools and Initiatives

Since September 15, the global economy and financial system have been collapsing at an unprecedented speed. Now, in 2009, we're heading into uncharted territory, in which neither the depth nor length of the recession is known and the previous certainty of economic policy tools is in question. In 2009 and beyond, the world is not facing a cyclical reduction of economic activity -- one that can be fought with lowering interest rates and a moderate stimulus package. ...continue

Corner Office: Building Confidence Globally

As a new administration assumed power in Washington this month, the electoral majority's favorable predisposition will go a long way toward building confidence in its ability to turn around the economy. It's a big task. We all know it will take time. But the matter at hand is to build up confidence at home and abroad. It is quite clear American leadership and teamwork with the world's leading economies is vital to stimulating new economic directions. Creating confidence and right action go hand in hand. ...continue

Weathering the BlackBerry Storm

One of the buzzwords of the decade is convergence. Manufacturers are trying their best to squeeze feature after feature into every device, things we didn't know we needed until we find ourselves addicted to them. There's a reason that the BlackBerry line of phones has been nicknamed the "crackberry," after all. Tech Vault tried out the the much-anticipated BlackBerry Storm. I'll say this up front: The technology is impressive and the style is sharp. But how it performed is another story -- one that requires more nuance than a simple thumbs up or thumbs down. ...continue

2009 Boardroom Elite: Complete List

Hispanic Business Media's 2009 Boardroom Elite -- the complete list -- follows. ...continue

2009 Boardroom Elite

In a year of major upheaval in the job market and corporate world, the number of Hispanics in America's boardrooms grew slightly, but remains at about 3 percent. Hispanic Business Media each year compiles its "Boardroom Elite," a listing of influential Hispanics who serve as directors of Fortune 500 companies. The 2009 list comprises 80 Hispanics filling 110 board seats. The total is up this year from 2008, when 79 Hispanics, filling 100 boardroom seats, made the list. ...continue

Hispanic Executives Continue Their Rise to Power Amid a Shaky Economy

Despite a mountain of economic uncertainty resting on their shoulders, Hispanic Business Media's 2009 Corporate Elite, represent 25 leaders who have defied expectations and obstacles to rise to the top of their industries. ...continue

2009 Corporate Elite: An Introduction

With the country's first African-American president in the White House, 2009 could be considered a breakthrough year for diversity. However, diversity at America's key companies still falls short of reflecting our society as a whole. The book is hardly closed, however, on the story of Hispanic diversity in corporate America. In fact, a look at Hispanic Business Media's 2009 Corporate Elite suggests that Hispanics are slowly but surely transforming the face of executive management at America's companies. ...continue

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