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Inside the November 2008 Issue

Cool Stuff for Executives

Jazz classics, cool chocolates and a host of electronic gear are on tap for the holidays. ...continue

Eureka! Three Entrepreneurs Forge Ahead With New Technologies

Spotlighting three entrepreneurs that are utilizing innovative ways to go about their business. Getting a better handle on toxic waste is only the beginning. ...continue

Go Green and Save Your Company $$

The markets may be enduring their own patch of stormy weather, but the greening of America goes on. To promote your own green agenda, we offer you some simple tips that can help your business increase profits while cutting pollution and waste. ...continue

The Future of Business Belongs to the Innovators

Ever heard the phrase, "one must spend money to make money?" With today's tight credit markets, that's one cliche in danger of fading from memory. To compensate, an increasing number of companies are spending a different kind of currency -- intellectual capital in the form of innovation. Regardless of industry or sector, it is the innovators -- those coming up with new technologies, or new, interesting ways to utilize existing technologies -- who are redefining successful business models. ...continue

Damaged Economy Requires Real Leadership from New President

Words like "hope" and "change" drove the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign while the two major candidates deposited promises of tax cuts and new programs at nearly every stop. But just as Americans began casting early votes for their next president, a major meltdown on Wall Street gripped the nation. Now, anxious voters wonder what might become of the high-sounding campaign promises. ...continue

Hispanic Dealers Face Rough Road Over Economic Potholes

From Los Angeles to Miami, Hispanic auto dealers innovate and tighten belts as they bump through tough economic times. ...continue

The Economy: 'Shock and Awe'

Developments of recent weeks--talk about shock and awe--are regrettably reminiscent of 9/11. "Who would have thought?" we hear over and over. Mighty sequoias of finance have become overwhelmed by the fear and trembling of markets seized by forces not unloosed since the 1930s. So far the onset of the 21st Century has been a shocking wake up call. In the midst of sound bites and blogging chatter, one can discern glimmers of a new economy. ...continue

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