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Inside the October 2008 Issue

The 100 Most Influential U.S. Hispanics, 2008

Welcome to our list of the best and the brightest. They are changing the nation in all sectors, including business, politics, education, and entertainment. This year the focus is on Los Angeles as it moves to the center of U.S. Hispanic influence. ...continue

McCain, Obama's Battle Strategies for Critical Hispanic Vote Emerge

Sen. Obama leads in the polls, but Sen. McCain may need only 35 percent of the Hispanic vote to gain the White House. Both sides say that winning the Hispanic vote is critical. ...continue

How the Candidates Stand on Minority Lending and Affirmative Action

The presidential campaigns of John McCain and Barack Obama are zigzagging across the country, and their positions on affirmative action are doing the same. The candidates are strong on supporting minority businesses, but neither totally satisfy entrepreneurs as Obama replaces "race" with "class" and McCain opposes affirmative action. ...continue

Hispanic Candidates Vie for National Offices

Although U.S. Hispanics are well represented in many state houses throughout the country, especially in California, Texas, and Florida, there is still underrepresentation in many national political categories. This year there are more than 36 Hispanics running for House seats, including 27 incumbents and only one Hispanic senatorial candidate. California leads the way with 13 candidates for the House and is followed closely by Texas with eight House candidates and Democratic senatorial candidate Rick Noriega. ...continue

100 Influentials, 2008: The Complete List

Presenting Hispanic Business Magazine's 100 Influentials for 2008, including the special spotlight on the 40 influentials from Los Angeles. ...continue

An Interview with Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa

California and Los Angeles have emerged nationally as centers of Hispanic economic and political influence. We recently caught up with charismatic LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to talk about the opportunities for Hispanics and the reawakening of the "City of Angels." ...continue

Corner Office: Influence--Who's Got It and in What Markets?

It's that time of year--October--for a reprise of our annual 100 Most Influential story that creates buzz with our readers and in the marketplace. Our Most Influential cover story touches on a variety of developments affecting U.S. Hispanics, the country's fastest-growing consumer market. ...continue

Quarterly Economic Forecast: No Recovery in Sight

One year into the current financial downturn, it seems the recovery formerly expected during the second half of this year will not actually occur for at least another year. The initially anticipated $100 billion of write-downs is surpassing the $500 billion mark, not yet counting the unknown costs from the U.S. takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The impact of a few states' real estate losses, previously believed to be fairly circumscribed, is spreading nationwide. Our quarterly breakdown follows: ...continue

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