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Inside the July/August 2008 Issue

Green Adventures in Costa Rica and Panama

Tourism will contribute a stunning $5.5 trillion to the global coffers in 2008, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council, and that number will likely increase as developing countries open new travel destinations. Leading the way in these new vacation opportunities is a bold, new initiative: ecotourism. The concept behind this rapidly growing industry is that profits generated by tourism can be used to sustain the local culture and environment--and the vacation should incorporate an appreciation for the local ecosystem. ...continue

The Top 50 Hispanic-Owned Export Companies: The Full List

The full list of top exporters, recently revealed in our July/August issue, follows. ...continue

Microsoft's Diversity Program Clicks into High Speed

Microsoft's vendor diversity program is catapulting to the head of the corporate class. Next year, Microsoft expects to crack the $1 billion mark in spending with minority- and female-owned businesses, up from $833 million in 2007. Kelly Chapman, Microsoft's director of diversity recruiting, has seen the company make great strides. ...continue

The Hispanic Business 100 Fastest-Growing Companies

The full list, recently revealed in our July/August issue, follows. ...continue

Methodology: Top 100 Fastest-Growing Companies

Want to know more about how we find and determine our Top 100 Fastest-Growing Hispanic-Owned Companies? Our methodology -- including how you can nominate a company -- is included within. ...continue

Methodology: Top 50 Exporters

Curious how we find and determine our Top 50 Exporters? Our methodology -- including how you can nominate a company -- is included within. ...continue

El Paso Firm VEMAC Rides Boom to the Top: Spotlight on This Year's Fastest-Growing Company

We talked with the founder of the top company from this year's Hispanic Business 100 Fastest-Growing list, Venegas Engineering Management and Construction, which is known more by its acronym VEMAC. Oscar Venegas disclosed a few of the secrets to his construction company's surprising success and shared some of what it's like doing business in El Paso, Texas. ...continue

Looking for Financing? The Five Things You Should Know First

If your business is looking for an injection of capital, you may know exactly what you want when you approach an investment bank or private equity firm. But what about the lender across the table? What does he or she want and expect from you? Knowing that can make the difference between walking out with a signed deal in your pocket and leaving disappointed and empty-handed. Hispanic Business magazine spoke with several investment firms across the country, all of them familiar with funding for today's fast-growing Hispanic market. ...continue

Top 50 Exporters: In Volatile Market, Food and Green Companies Lead the List

Even at a time of economic upheaval in the United States, the Top 50 Hispanic-owned export companies proved last year that domestic goods can sell in the global marketplace. Thirty-two companies on this year's list reported double-digit gains in export revenues. Leading the growth were companies like Compasa LLC, which saw revenues jump to $53.5 million in 2007, a whopping 235 percent increase over the prior year. The McAllen, Texas-based meat and grain exporter enjoyed the fastest growth of any company on the list. ...continue

Unveiling the Secrets Behind Hispanic Business' 100 Fastest-Growing Companies

After our research department delivered the list of the fastest-growing Hispanic-owned companies in America, we wondered what all these success stories have in common. Is there a single, universal element of success they share? In search of an answer, we talked to six CEOs from some of the hottest companies, all in the top 20 of our list. The sectors vary, as do their locales, but they all have this in common: they are defying an unstable economy to produce skyrocketing profits. Here are the insights they shared with us. You may find some of them surprising. ...continue

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