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Inside the March 2008 Issue

Give Until It Works

Most people are charitable -- it's human nature to help if you have the means. But how do you account for your generosity, literally? With so many different types of donations and an even broader spectrum of taxable implications, it's not a bad idea to explore the basics of charitable gifts. How do you determine if something's deductible? ...continue

The Marathon Club: Building a Bridge to Wealth

Sooner or later entrepreneurs will need business capital, and while private equity is one of the most coveted forms of funding, it remains the most elusive. This is especially true for minority-owned enterprises. While Hispanics and African Americans make up 28 percent of the U.S. population, only 1 percent of venture capital is going to minority communities. This troubling statistic is what drove led to the creation of The Marathon Club--an organization whose primary focus is to increase the flow of capital to minority entrepreneurs. ...continue

Health Care Leads Sectors Attracting Capital; Health Care, Media, and Food Were Key Industries Gaining Investors in the 2007 U.S. Hispanic Market

The verdict is now in on how Hispanic-owned companies and those marketing to Hispanic consumers fared in 2007. By most accounts, it was a robust year for many Hispanic markets. A number of successful mergers and acquisitions and increased private equity investments generated a healthy flow of capital, stimulating sectors such as health care, media, food, and technology. ...continue

In Sickness and in Wealth Management

Wealth happens, whether through strokes of fortune, like the lottery, or the old-fashioned way, like a gradual accumulation through years of perspiration and inspiration. What should you do with all of the money? Stashing the money under your mattress can't be fun. ...continue

Ice Energy is Making Green by Going Green: Hispanic Entrepreneur Taps into a Clean Energy Source

If Frank Ramirez had his way, his company's innovative cooling unit would be plugged into every commercial rooftop air conditioner in the United States -- a potential $30 billion market. Mr. Ramirez is chief executive of Ice Energy Inc., a manufacturer of an ice-chilled cooling system that takes the load off air conditioners during the day, when they're working their hardest and demand for electricity is at its highest. ...continue

Six Things You Can Do to Ride Out a Turbulent Market

The markets have taken a beating in the past few months and chances are so has your portfolio. Predictions are the markets will remain choppy in the near future, and the question on a lot of investors' minds is what should I do now? Seeking answers, we recently talked to some top financial experts from around the country. While there's no one-size-fits-all approach, all offered solid advice well worth considering. ...continue

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