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Inside the June 2007 Issue

Wholesalers Surge, Follow Brightstar

Booming business among Hispanic-owned wholesalers drives this year's HISPANIC BUSINESS 500. ...continue

Shipping Revenues Growing Beyond Borders

Texas-based trucking company rules the road of the Transportation sector of the Hispanic Business 500. ...continue

Clinics, Insurers Report Strong Health

Molina Healthcare Inc., a $2 billion company based in Long Beach, California, dominates the service sector, which boasts more companies (173) than any other sector in the HISPANIC BUSINESS 500. ...continue

Food Companies Enjoy Tasty Returns

An increased demand for prepared meals delivers profits for several food manufacturing companies in this year's HISPANIC BUSINESS 500. ...continue

Hispanic Retailers Prove to be Productive

Productivity was down for most of the sectors in this year's HISPANIC BUSINESS 500, but retail served as a glaring exception. ...continue

Bankers, Mortgage Lenders Seeing Green

The finance sector, the smallest segment in this year's HISPANIC BUSINESS 500 with 17 companies, showed a 3.8 percent increase in revenues, moving from $1.79 billion in 2005 to $1.86 billion in 2006. ...continue

More Dealerships Diversifying Their Portfolios

In many respects, 2006 has been a poor year for the automotive sector, both in the HISPANIC BUSINESS 500 and the wider market. ...continue

Surviving the Housing Slump

Nationwide housing woes have sent the HISPANIC BUSINESS 500 construction sector into a tailspin with 90 companies reporting a combined 20 percent decline in 2006 revenues. ...continue

Lasting Power

CEOs reflect on 25 years of making the HB500. ...continue

The Birth of the 500

Hispanic Business magazine's elite list of top Hispanic-owned companies turns 25. ...continue

Trade is a Political Game of Give and Take

Washington Insider: Although the most salient disagreement between the administration and the new Democratic majority in Congress is over Iraq, trade long has been a bone of contention, especially as President Bush has struggled to retain so-called "fast track" authority. ...continue

The Final Say: Irma Elder

Perseverance, a strong support system, and a sharp sense of humor have helped Irma Elder, the CEO of Elder Automotive Group, succeed after a tragic baptism into executive life. ...continue

Softening the Blow

Quarterly Economic Forecast: Consumers provide cushion for slowing U.S. economy. ...continue

It's Your Money: Five Ways to Play Ball with Your Investments

You don't need to run a major league baseball team or even your own business to let baseball work for you as an investor. This month, I would like to go over a few lessons from the playing field that should help you score a few runs with your portfolio. ...continue

Shining Through

Cellphone distributor Brightstar tops revenues in the HB500 2007 list. ...continue

No. 1 Brightstar Leads Booming Sector; Overall List Sees Slower Growth

Welcome to the 25th Anniversary edition of the Hispanic Business 500, the premier listing of the top Hispanic-owned companies in the United States. Although it contains but 73 companies out of the HISPANIC BUSINESS 500, the wholesale sector rules the roost for the top Hispanic-owned companies in the nation. ...continue

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