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Inside the October 2006 Issue

2006 Influentials: Ten to Watch

With so many promising Hispanic Influential candidates, it was tough to narrow it down to just 100 selections. So, this year, we've selected an additional 10 to watch. Maybe 2007 will be their year! ...continue

Too Close to Call

Hispanic voters and immigration policies are determining factors in several tight races. ...continue

100 Influentials List 2006

Our list of who's raising the Hispanic profile in 2006. ...continue

Influentials: A Look Back 20 Years

Our 100 Most Influential Hispanics list from 1986 has some familiar names -- where are they now? ...continue

Dues and Don'ts of D.C.

The Washington Insider... ...continue

The Final Say: George Muñoz

George Muñoz has been hailed as a new style of corporate director who left his rubber stamp at home but keeps a magnifying glass in his back pocket as he prowls the small print at Altria, Marriott, and even the National Geographic Society. ...continue

Prospecting In Cuba

Although the U.S. embargo on trade with Cuba still exists, American businesses prepare for a post-Castro era. ...continue

Hispanic Business 100 Influentials – Setting the Standard

The 2006 list of 100 influential Hispanics spans a range of stellar achievers – from the boardroom to the classroom to the studio – all making ever-deeper impacts nationally and worldwide. ...continue

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