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Inside the April 2006 Issue

A Day in the Life of the Woman of the Year

Gloria Molina personifies the progress of Hispanics in Los Angeles; a feat that won her the 2006 Hispanic Business magazine Woman of the Year award. ...continue

Googling Success

Elite Women 2006. At a company based on invented words, Miriam Rivera has her own: "Googleyness." That's what she calls a culture that has combined legal and business skills, technical knowledge, and a team approach to problem-solving to produce one of the most successful corporations in history. ...continue

Permanently Plugged In

Elite Women 2006. The world of IT never stops turning for Patt Romero Cronin, IBM's vice-president of Global Business Transformation. In that role she led a global team of more than 12,000 IBM consultants who helped clients plan, design, and implement e-business solutions. ...continue

Doctor for the People

Elite Women 2006. When New York State has a medical crisis, it turns to Health Commissioner Antonia Coello Novello, M.D. The New York State Department of Health has a 2005-06 budget of $49.4 billion. ...continue

SBA Budget Cuts Draw Political Fire

Since 2001, the budget of the Small Business Administration (SBA) has decreased 38 percent or 45 percent when adjusted for inflation. Opposing opinions regarding the reasons driving the shrinkage have become fuel for an increasingly hot political fire. ...continue

Politically Charged

For Patricia Madrid, it has always been about being an advocate and winning with no ceiling acknowledged. She is the first Hispanic to hold New Mexico's top elected executive law enforcement position ...continue

A Time Test for Leadership

Great leaders have impact, and the greatness of their leadership is measured by their impact over time. No one illustrates that better than Gloria Molina, winner of the 2006 Hispanic Business magazine Woman of the Year award. ...continue

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