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Inside the June 2005 Issue

The Related Group: A Cool $2 Billion

Jorge Perez explains his success with one word: Miami. The CEO of The Related Group of Florida grew his company's revenues 96.4 percent last year to a total $2.125 billion, making Related the No. 1 company on the 2005 Hispanic Business 500. ...continue

Culture Cash

Distributors flourish by turning ethnicity into opportunities. ...continue

Tropical Gems

With a balmy climate and tropical attitude, the Sunshine State's southern coastline offers a variety of fun meeting places if you know where to look. ...continue

Playing the Fuel

Trucking firms stay on the road despite the gas price pinch. ...continue

Stumping in Cyberspace

Groundbreaking 'Demzilla' changed the political landscape even in defeat. ...continue

Catering to Fickle Customers

The giant service sector, which accounts for nearly a third of the companies on the Hispanic Business 500, had a slow year in 2004. ...continue

Specialty Shops

Sedano's Supermarket in Miami yielded revenues of $382.63 in 2004 to rank number 14 on the Hispanic Business 500. ...continue

Dark Dollar Signs

While the annual forecasts from January have not changed, first quarter data reveals a growth in real gross domestic product (GDP) of 3.1 percent, a slowdown from the 3.8 percent of the previous quarter. ...continue

2005 HB 500: A Rich New Niche

For more than two decades, the Hispanic Business 500 has provided a national benchmark of the surging development of U.S. Hispanic-owned companies. This year Hispanic Business debuts a special listing of U.S. Hispanic-owned private equity funds. ...continue

Strong Medicine

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and for Molina Healthcare Inc., it's worth even more. ...continue

Eating up Profits

Manufacturers on the Hispanic Business 500 face the same ups-and-downs as other producers, with one major exception: People still want to eat. ...continue

Yzaguirre Honored

New capital building cements La Raza leader's 30-year legacy. ...continue

Raising the Bar

Hispanics benefit as law firms bid to reflect diversified clientele. ...continue

Betting on Growth

Strong demand, plenty of cash combine to deliver a great year. ...continue

House Party

Latin American home-buyers drive a Florida building boom. ...continue

Destination: Car Lot

'Superstores' continue to fuel expansion at large Hispanic car dealers. ...continue

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