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Inside the May 2005 Issue

2005 Top 25 Nonprofits

Competition for a diminishing pool of grant dollars led to a 3 percent decrease in expenditures among the Hispanic Business Top 25 Nonprofits in 2004, the first decline in the five-year history of the directory. ...continue

Security Dominates Border Confab

Border issues spotlight immigration and national security...Prominent Hispanic duo named to National Republican Congressional Committee ...Hispanic Elected Local Officials rally against cuts to Community Development Block Grant . ...continue

Making the Call

As the voice over Internet protocol industry matures, demand is surging amid technological advances that are continuing to boost its benefits for businesses. About 3 million subscribers are expected to use VoIP technology this year alone. ...continue

In the Black

For years the tax forms filed by the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) showed massive money losses. Today, the USHCC has managed to turn things around by diversifying its income and increasing its revenues. ...continue

Stacking the Digital Deck

The latest tech systems and cutting-edge software can open new markets and increase productivity. But they're nothing without a management team that can tailor the system to a firm's unique needs. ...continue

Ripple Effects

Entrepreneurs banking on Small Business Investment Companies for business success must wait to see how Congress revamps the popular equity-fund aspect of the program, which was suspended on September 30, 2004. ...continue

Partners in Style

Developed by charismatic salon owner Samy Suárez, it has taken only a few years for Samy Salon Collections to become the top-selling hair-care brand on the Home Shopping Network, reaching consumers across the globe. ...continue

Full-Court Press

Lured by the rapidly rising influence and affluence of Hispanic executives, a growing number of business magazines are aggressively ramping up efforts to reach the market. Experts predict even more to emerge in the months ahead. ...continue

Frosh Con Fuego

Senate, Mel Martinez has emerged as an influential political player, thanks in part to his close relationship to President George W. Bush. Despite his "rookie" ranking he has landed seats on key panels, including the Foreign Relations Committee. ...continue

Hire Education

As baby boomers retire and lifespans increase, the need to train job seekers in the 55-plus age category is only going to continue to grow. SER Jobs for Progress National does exactly that, with a program comprised nearly entirely of Hispanics. ...continue

A Foster Solution

Nuevo Amanecer Latino Children Services, number 16 on the Hispanic Business Top 25 Nonprofits directory, has a plan to reform the childcare system – and it starts with helping parents better care for their children. ...continue

Words Fail Them

Philadelphia-based Congreso de Latinos Unidos, continues to struggle to provide behavioral health services on the scale of current demand. Meanwhile, the lack of Hispanic mental health professionals spans the country. ...continue

Executive Life

Executives interested in starting or adding to a prized art collection would do well to follow the advice of Sotheby's Carmen Melián. The art dealer is in charge of organizing Sotheby's biannual Latin American art sales. ...continue

Titans Tune In

Big computer companies are reaching out to Hispanic IT professionals, as businesses look to develop new markets and intense competition continue to slice profits in the PC and hardware sectors. ...continue

Chain Lightning

While statistics are elusive experts say Hispanics increasingly are participating in the thriving franchising sector, which includes 760,000 franchise owners, generates an estimated yearly revenue of $1.5 trillion, and accounts for almost 10 million jobs. ...continue

Medical Emergency

The U.S. Hispanic economy's surging demographics are putting pressure on a healthcare industry plagued by a shortage of qualified workers. ...continue

Giving Pause

There's a little less charity in the Hispanic nonprofit sector these days, as competition for a diminishing pool of grant dollars heats up. ...continue

The Jury's Still Out

The appointment of Alberto Gonzales to the nation's top law enforcement post merits two mentions in the history books... ...continue

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