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Inside the October 2004 Issue

Wooing Voters

Looking at the map, Hispanic advertising by the presidential campaigns seems all wrong. But experts say Hispanic voters in a handful of battleground states may benefit from the apparent misdirection. ...continue

Platform Differences: Republican vs. Democratic Views

Republican proposals include health plan co-ops, education initiatives, and immigration reform. The Democratic platform offers tax credits, education initiatives, and immigration reform. ...continue

Hispanic Household Income

Hispantelligence reports the distribution of Hispanic household income across selected areas. ...continue

Breaking Into the Chains

Franchising successes highlight myriad entrepreneurial opportunities. ...continue

Bankable Skills

Amid global expansion, financial industry faces a need for Hispanic executives. ...continue

Healthy Prospects

Driven by an aging population, professional opportunities abound in healthcare. ...continue

Martínez Courts Florida Hispanics in Bid for a Seat in the Senate

Florida Republican Senate candidate Mel Martínez confident in his bid to become the nation's first Cuban-American and Republican Hispanic senator...The PRFAA reaches its goal of registering 300,000 new U.S. voters before next month's presidential election...Presidential candidates clash in Arizona ...continue

Enterprise Solutions

Software makers are targeting mid-size companies with a variety of new applications to boost efficiency. ...continue

Working on Thin Air

Faster speeds, lower prices, and expanding wireless "hot spots" give executives easier access to data. ...continue

NCLR's Evolution

The nation's largest Hispanic rights advocacy group takes steps in a new direction. ...continue

A Fight For Rights

MALDEF's new leader sets sights on boosting advances on the economic frontlines. ...continue

Money to Grow

An analysis of funding used by the Hispanic Business 500® tells a story that goes to the heart of an expanding market. ...continue

Home, Sweet Equity

Rapidly increasing homeownership in the Hispanic economy is helping fuel business expansion as a growing number of Hispanics tap into their home equity to fund entrepreneurial ventures. ...continue

The 100 Influentials

This year, the U.S. Hispanic community faces a complex mix of challenges, resulting in a fascinating selection for the 2004 Hispanic Business directory of 100 Most Influential Hispanics ...continue

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