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Inside the July/August 2003 Issue

A Year of Change at the USHCC

Since its 2002 convention, the national Hispanic chamber has revamped itself in preparation for this year's convention in Phoenix. ...continue

Music for a Movement

Concert founder comes into her own promoting events for the burgeoning U.S. Hispanic youth market. ...continue

Land of Hard Knocks

Transplanted South American entrepreneurs learn that doing business in the United States requires a whole new skill set. ...continue

Looking Better by the Day

With the economy slow and the franchising industry reaching out to Hispanics, now may be the time to become your own boss. ...continue

A Merger Mired In Controversy

The proposed joining of HBC and Univision has become a lightning rod for criticism ...continue

Identity and Prosperity Together

Cultural tourism brings dollars and challenges for two Chicago neighborhoods. ...continue

Creating a Stir In Oklahoma

Rudy Alvarado looks to put his expertise to good use in a state not synonymous with the high-tech sector. ...continue

Latent Power in the Middle Market

"From my own experience, the real power in most organizations lives in the middle. The middle managers can make or break a company." ...continue

Quick Rise to the Middle Market

To make the jump from small to middle-sized, companies find innovative ways to market, finance, and differentiate their products. ...continue

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