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Inside the December 2002 Issue

Federal Resource Guide: 2002-2003

What can entrepreneurs do to increase Hispanic participation in the federal marketplace' The Hispanic Business Magazine Federal Resource Guide 2002-2003 has the tools and information to help jump-start recruiting and procurement efforts. ...continue

Language and Markets in the U.S.

Historical trends favor a shift toward English in the U.S. Hispanic market. ...continue

A Meta-Study of The Market

Researchers, academics, and marketers look at the issue of Hispanic language usage. ...continue

Despite U.S. Slowdown, Some Growth

With high-profile gains in political clout and purchasing power, Hispanics are in a position to expect more media options and consumer products tailored to their tastes in 2003 despite any glum national forecasts. ...continue

Ad Spending Heats Up

Following a year of diminished growth, the Hispanic advertising market roars back to life. ...continue

2002 Media Markets Report

The latest research statistics on the Hispanic advertising market: Internet Revenue, Purchasing Power, Top 60 Advertisers, Top 10 Brand Marketers, Advertising Expenditures and Leading Hispanic DMAs. ...continue

Revenue Upswing

The Spanish-language radio market shows signs of recovery. ...continue

Still Percolating

The Univision-HBC merger proposal hits some bumps, but a federal green light seems all but assured. ...continue

Beyond Big Macs

John Lopez almost missed the chance of lifetime. Today Lopez Foods is thriving as a result of his entrepreneurial zeal. ...continue

Elite Company

This year's Hispanic Business Entrepreneur of the Year finalists hail from the aerospace, auto retailing, and telecommunications industries. ...continue

Celebrating Business Heroes

Hispanic CEOs share their stories about the hunt for a successful market niche. ...continue

Getting Beyond A Bachelor's Degree

Although Hispanics are attending college in record numbers, a paltry few are going on to graduate school. The last in a three-part series on educating tomorrow's Hispanic leaders. ...continue

USHCC Controversy

A coalition representing more than 75 local chambers of commerce banded together on October 19, the day of USHCC board elections, to protest irregularities in the process. ...continue

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