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Inside the June 2002 Issue

2002 HISPANIC BUSINESS 500: Best of the Best

In a year of change, managers can learn by benchmarking best management practices of the most successful Hispanic firms. ...continue

Aegis of Success

New York manufacturing firm hits pay dirt as an aerospace and military contractor. ...continue

Hispanic Business Teams With World-Class Designer

Thanks to the prestigious design firm Garcia Media, this issue of Hispanic Business marks a turning point in U.S. Hispanic publishing. ...continue

Ideology, Politics & the Bench

Issues and ethnicity shape support and criticism of Miguel Estrada's judicial nomination. ...continue

An Inspirational Launch

The Inspiration Networks, a producer and distributor of religious television programming, has agreed to help launch a cable network for U.S. Hispanics. ...continue

Uncle Sam, Paralegal

The SBA launches a new Web portal to help answer legal questions for entrepreneurs. ...continue

Health Report: Inside the Care Crisis

Minorities are caught in the crossfire in the battle between insurance companies and hospitals. ...continue

Heading Up in a Down Year

Hispanic Business 500 revenues grew 10.9 percent in 2001, despite a national economic slowdown. ...continue

The Strategic Planning Payoff

An impressive 82 percent of Hispanic Business 500 companies have a written business plan, and the results speak for themselves. ...continue

Hidden Assets

Sales and marketing departments are often among the first to be cut during downturns. Experts advise taking the opposite tack. ...continue

Money-Counting for Growth

A growing company's need for capital puts a premium on timely financial management. ...continue

HR Battles to Conquer

National recession and terrorist attacks produce challenges for human resource managers. ...continue

Efficiency Creates Opportunity

Companies can re-invent their processes by fostering a culture of improvement. ...continue

More Than Smart Talk

Effective communication starts with good listening skills, especially among top management. ...continue

Time for an Upgrade

With prices dropping and options increasing, mid-size companies can buy corporate computer power at bargain rates. ...continue

Diversity in the Big City

A study by The New York Times finds employees prefer to work for diversity-conscious companies. Does the same logic apply to customers' ...continue

In Praise of the Paper Trail

Documenting meetings, conversations, and agreements may protect CEOs when deals go sour. ...continue

English-Spanish Made Easy

Word Magic's translation software a smart (but not literal) solution. ...continue

Profit or Paycheck?

Business owners can tally their earnings as salary or corporate dividends. Either choice has tax implications. ...continue

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