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Inside the May 2002 Issue

Facing The Cyber Threat

Before last year's terrorist attacks, many companies dismissed computer system security as an afterthought, because they felt it didn't provide a concrete return on investment. These days, more businesses view the payoff as simply the ability to survive a massive cyber-attack. Many companies are bolstering their defenses against hackers, viruses, and e-mail tampering. ...continue

Dialtone’s Unlikely Arc

Alvaro Albarracin's company is that rarest of creatures a successful Internet startup. ...continue

Behind the curve

Hispanic small-business owners often shy away from technology. In today's economy, that's a high-risk posture. ...continue

2002 Board of Economists: Guarded About the Hispanic Economy

First-ever survey reveals some pessimism about U.S. Hispanics' economic prospects. ...continue

Bordering on Progress

Balancing security and the desire for expanded trade is an increasingly tall order for Mexican and U.S. officials. ...continue

Safe Seats Don’t Make Sound Politics

As the post-Census 2000 redistricting draws to a close, the big winners haven't been minorities, but rather incumbents. ...continue

Scorecard & Blueprint

The 2003 federal budget rates agencies on five different management criteria. In the category of "competitive sourcing," every agency gets a failing grade. ...continue

Opposition to Auto Group Grows

An influential group of Hispanic auto dealers is voicing strong opposition to efforts by the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) to form a national Hispanic automobile dealers association. ...continue

Franchising Looking Better than Ever

Economic uncertainty or no, franchising remains an exciting option for those who want to test the entrepreneurial waters. In fact, now may be an uncommonly good time to explore franchising opportunities. ...continue

Accessing Minority Markets

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce launches Access America to gain a toehold with Hispanics and other minorities. ...continue

Film Producer Has Activist’s Heart

On the heels of his latest success, David Valdes says he wants to concentrate on Hispanic-themed films. ...continue

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