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Inside the November 2001 Issue

HISPANIC BUSINESS 2001 EOY: ‘Entrepreneurs Have Accepted the Challenge’

More than 500 people cheered as Juan "Jack" Mencia accepted the eleventh annual HISPANIC BUSINESS Magazine EOY Award at a black-tie ceremony in Los Angeles. The CEO of Cube Corp. was honored for boosting his company's sales 70 percent last year. ...continue

REAL ESTATE: A Home Court Advantage

For Adam Trevino, a successful bid on a project tied to the new $420 million American Airlines Center in Dallas was a significant milestone. The $2.5 million contract for the center's parking garage amounted to approximately 10 percent of Trevino Mechanical Contractors' revenues last year. ...continue

GLOBALIZATION: From Feast to Famine?

Revenues for the HISPANIC BUSINESS Top 50 Exporters rose sharply to more than $1 billion in 2000, a 70 percent increase from 1999, in part because U.S. companies are tapping deeper into the Latin American market. ...continue

GLOBALIZATION: Dollars in the Deals

As all exporters will tell you, currency fluctuations play a substantial role in their ability to sell products abroad. It's a simple equation: The weaker the U.S. dollar, the greater the sales, because foreign buyers will get a better bang for their buck. ...continue

BizWare: ‘Developer In-A-Box’

In the wake of the terrorist attacks on September 11, Internet shopping seems the safest way to buy. But entrepreneurs looking to serve the online shopping market face heavy competition, as there are literally millions of businesses around the globe using their Web sites to hawk goods and services. ...continue

ENTERPRISE: Entrepreneurs Under Siege

September's terrorist attacks dealt an economic blow to the nation's small-business community. But experts are divided over whether the fallout will be long-term and what the response of the federal government should be in any case. ...continue

HISPANIC BUSINESS 2001 EOY: Perfecting the Growth Spurt

The terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, D.C., affect few industries as much as federal service contractors. But Juan "Jack" Mencia, CEO of The Cube Corp., knows how to adapt. His entrepreneurial drive have helped him build a $42 million company in just seven years. ...continue

FEDERAL MARKETS: Why Small Firms Can’t Do Their Part

The federal government's response to terrorism looks certain to include increased security, increased military spending, and an economic stimulus package. But a new report asks whether small businesses the main engine of the U.S. economy will benefit from this buildup. ...continue

MARKET WATCH: Leaders Prepare for Lean Times

Terrorism and business development fill the agenda at the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute conference. ...continue

MARKET WATCH: Growth Amid Uncertainty

At MED Week, federal officials discussed ways for minority entrepreneurs to expand their companies in the aftermath of September 11. ...continue

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