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Inside the October 2001 Issue

The 100 Most Influential Hispanics

Rosario Marin and 30 other Hispanics in government are represented in this year's HISPANIC BUSINESS 100 Most Influential Hispanics, a list that underscores the strides Hispanics are making in Washington, D.C., and the Bush administration. ...continue Career Quarterly

The corporations listed on this page are seeking multicultural and bilingual candidates to fill a variety of entry- to senior-management-level positions. All the companies work with HIREDIVERSITY.COM, a national resume database service that matches professionals with major corporations. ...continue Career Quarterly

In an ever-tightening job market, every bit of edge helps. And for young Hispanics entering the work force, internships can provide an especially valuable advantage. ...continue

Merger Fever

Hoping to cash in on the growing strength of Spanish-speaking consumers, global conglomerates continue to acquire ownership stakes in Hispanic agencies. ...continue

Tracking the Hispanic Traveler

Travel agent Ruben Arenas has a good reason to target Hispanic customers: Travel among them is booming. According to a survey by the Travel Industry Association (TIA), Hispanic travel increased 11 percent between 1997 and 1999, the latest figures available. ...continue

Striving for ‘Critical Mass’

While California's growing Hispanic population is enjoying increased political and economic clout, it has yet to make comparable progress in legal circles. Hispanics account for more than 30 percent of the state's population but just 4 percent of its lawyers. ...continue

New Face at the SBA

Declining budget or no, Hector Barreto hopes to make the agency more responsive to the small-business community it serves. ...continue

SECOND OPINION: Yes to English, No to Español?

The elimination of bilingual education in California in 1998 and in Arizona in 2000 through the initiative process has sparked interest in similar measures in other states. New York, Texas, Colorado, and Massachusetts are considering following suit, encouraged by the "success" of the immersion approach. ...continue

Hispanics on Wall Street

Bridging the chasm between Wall Street and the nation's Hispanic community is the focus of an economic summit that will take place October 9 through 11 in New York City. ...continue

Valor on the Front Lines

Since joining forces with three New York equity firms to buy 540,000 local telephone lines in 1999, the 12 Hispanic investors in Valor Telecom have gotten a taste of the ups and downs of starting a company from scratch. ...continue

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