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Inside the March 2001 Issue

Five Financial Planners Offer Advice on Successful Investing

March 2001 - In the unending search for enlightenment, investors will look just about anywhere for signs of how the market will do. The past year-and-a-half has been full of conflicting messages. Luckily, there are financial planners to take the guesswork out of investing. Five such professionals spoke with HISPANIC BUSINESS®, offering strategies, advice, and picks for smart investing. ...continue

Mexican Americans' Support of Bush as Presidential Candidate Didn’t Earn Them a Seat in the Cabinet

Given their strong turnout at the polls, many Hispanic groups – particularly Mexican Americans – expected a visible presence in the cabinet of President George W. Bush. Indeed, his first cabinet nominee was a Hispanic – Mel Martinez, a Cuban American from Florida, who serves as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development – but the appointment has some Hispanics feeling left out. ...continue

Spanish-language TV Less Popular among Young Hispanics

March 2001 - Demographic trends and recent broadcasting industry developments have yielded a curious dichotomy within the nation's Hispanic community: Spanish-language television programming is proliferating, at a time when many younger Hispanics prefer to be entertained and informed in English. What's more, evidence suggests that they favor English-language TV. ...continue

Hispanic Architect Ranked Top Designer of Residential Interiors

March 2001 - Ismael Leyva could have played it safe and stayed in Mexico to build a career in architecture. Or he could have moved to an American city less intimidating than New York to learn English and pursued his dream of working on high-rise buildings. But Mr. Leyva, a native of Veracruz, Mexico, the son of a barber and a housewife, found himself drawn to America's largest city. ...continue

Hispanics with the Right Training will Find Opportunities in the IT Sector

March 2001 - If you're looking for a job, the outlook is excellent –- provided your expertise is in the high-tech industry, you have a strong math background, or you have a master's degree in business administration. Overall, the hottest job field currently is information technology. Analysts say that demand for jobs in IT continues to outpace supply, so many firms turn to foreigners to fill professional slots. ...continue

Hispanic Computer Market Remains Wide Open

March 2001 - More Hispanics are using home computers, though fewer are purchasing goods and services online, according to a recent study. Researchers say the findings indicate the Hispanic market is ripe with opportunity for computer manufacturers and related service providers. ...continue

La Opinión Blossoms into a Media Powerhouse

March 2001 - La Opinión, the nation's largest Spanish-language daily newspaper, will celebrate its 75th anniversary in September, a milestone founder Ignacio Lozano Sr. probably couldn't have imagined when he launched the publication on Mexican Independence Day in 1926. La Opinión celebrated a banner year in 2000. Its circulation grew an impressive 11 percent while its readership swelled by 17 percent, according to Gallup. ...continue

Hispanic Auto Dealers Form New Advocacy Group

Last July's annual meeting of the National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers in Portland was anything but typical, thanks to Silvestre Gonzales, chairman and chief executive of Gonzales Automotive Group Inc. Mr. Gonzales' family-owned firm, which reported revenue of $130 million last year, controls five Southern California dealerships that sell Chryslers, Jeeps, Nissans, Isuzus, and Kias. He is a NAMAD member, and the organization has helped his company. ...continue

Preparing for Tax Season

March 2001 - With April fast approaching, time is getting short for determining how much money you're obliged to share with the IRS. Although you must file an income tax return (by April 16, or later if an extension is requested), do not overlook perfectly legitimate deductions that can reduce your tax liability. It's OK to reduce your tax liability if everything you deduct is lawful. ...continue

E-Commerce Options Abound

March 2001 - Recent dot-com failures notwithstanding, e-commerce remains a vibrant part of the U.S. economy. Forrester Research Inc., for instance, estimates that business-to-business e-commerce in North America will surpass $2.7 trillion by 2004. On the consumer side, shoppers spent more online last holiday season than they did the year before, according to a PC Data survey – despite predictions of a holiday spending slowdown. ...continue

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