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Inside the January/February 2001 Issue

Miami: The Capital of Latin American E-commerce

January/February 2001 - California has Silicon Valley. New York has Silicon Alley. Texas has Silicon Prairie. Now Florida has Silicon Playa, the Spanish phrase meaning Silicon Beach. Silicon Playa is an 80-mile stretch of real estate from West Palm Beach to Miami that has emerged as the prime Internet hub for Latin America. ...continue

Challenges of Online Retailing in Latin America

January/February 2001 - A recent Visa International-sponsored analysis, estimates that online retailing in Latin America amounted to $580 million in 2000. But that figure represents only a fraction of e-commerce potential, according to executives at Visa International. ...continue

Minority Database Goes Online

January/February 2001 - In an effort to better serve one of the nation's hottest business sectors, Minneapolis-based Diversity Information Resources Co. - formerly known as TRY US Resources - has made its information on minority and women-owned companies available online. The database includes information on more than 7,000 certified minority-owned firms and 1,800 women-owned businesses that engage in regional or national sales activities. ...continue

Three Not a Charm for Bush Team

January/February 2001 - President George W. Bush initially picked three Hispanics as members of his inner circle. The president tapped Alberto Gonzales as White House chief counsel, Mel Martinez as secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and Linda Chavez for secretary of Labor. But within a week of her nomination, Ms. Chavez withdrew her name from the list. ...continue

Advantages, Pitfalls of Working with Headhunters

January/February 2001 - Regardless of the kind of workday you're having, a call from a headhunter can provide an ego boost. More importantly, it can open all sorts of career doors. "In a fluid market like this, you have to be your own continual tester," says Fred Nagel, president of Acorn Career Counseling and Resume Writing in Rhinebeck, New York. ...continue

Minority Vendor Resources to Contract with Petroleum Companies

January/February 2001 - After several years of keeping a low profile, the major oil companies are finding themselves back in the news. Minority vendors seeking contracts with Fortune 1000 companies should call the numbers listed on this article to learn about each corporation's supplier development program. ...continue

Congress Grapples with How to Translate the Hispanic Vote

January/February 2001 - Throughout the 2000 election cycle, the following question nagged political organizers: Would Hispanics deliver the vote on November 7' In the end, they delivered. Never again will Hispanic voters be viewed as "an emerging part of the electorate," says Congressman Silvestre Reyes, a Texas Democrat and incoming chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. "The extraordinary results have established the credibility of the Hispanic vote." ...continue

Corporate America in Need of Educated Hispanics

January/February 2001 - Economic growth in the Latin American and U.S. Hispanic consumer markets has finally "trickled up" to the executive suite. Corporations are hiring Hispanic managers in record numbers, with the hottest career tracks in human resources and marketing. ...continue

Companies In Search for the Right Match

January/February 2001 - The corporations listed on this page are seeking multicultural and bilingual candidates to fill a variety of entry- to senior-management-level positions. All the companies work with HIREDIVERSITY.COM, a national resume database service that matches professionals with major corporations. HIREDIVERSITY.COM is a division of Hispanic Business Inc. ...continue

Hispanic Presence on Corporate Boards Decreases

January/February 2001 - A total of 57 prominent Hispanics serve on the boards of directors at 67 Fortune 1000 corporations, according to the 2001 Boardroom Elite directory. Those 57 individuals hold a total of 75 board seats, down from 96 last year. ...continue

A Web Site Promotion Primer

January/February 2001 - Although establishing an Internet presence has become a priority for many Hispanic companies, consultants warn that without proper marketing and promotion, Web sites can quickly become cyber-elephants. If you decide to take the Internet plunge, consultants advise that you employ several Web-site marketing and promotion strategies. ...continue

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