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Inside the December 2000 Issue

Top 50 Advertisers in the Hispanic Market, 2000


Two Views of Contract Success

December 2000 - Francisco Garcia, IITC's founder, president, and CEO, made a conscious decision last year to go after large military contracts as a subcontractor rather than as a prime contractor. As a result, the firm has been awarded more than $50 million in contracts just since March. ...continue

VC Markets Opening to Hispanics

December 2000 - Though the process can be grueling, minority entrepreneurs with the right stuff can meet with success. ...continue

Orlando Ayala Outlines Microsoft's Plans for the Hispanic Market

December 2000 - As the highest-ranking Hispanic at Microsoft, Orlando Ayala shoulders a hefty responsibility. He's part of the company's business leadership team, a group that works directly with president and CEO Steve Ballmer. ...continue

Online Advertising in Turmoil, But the Future Looks Bright

December 2000 - Spanish-language Web sites are among the dot-coms hit hard by depressed stock prices, scarcer venture capital, and a shakeout in online advertising. Despite problems in online advertising however, the overall long-term picture remains bright, according to many analysts. In Latin America, the number of Internet users in the region will rise from 14.1 million currently to 37.6 million by 2003, according to Jupiter Communications. ...continue

Spanish-language TV Market Tightens

December 2000 - Spanish-language television is still dominated by Univision, but main challenger Telemundo has shifted programming strategies and boosted its Nielsen share by a whopping 80 percent, claiming 27 percent of the Spanish-language audience compared to 15 percent last year. ...continue

Spanish-language Radio Stations Make Ever Stronger Signals

December 2000 - In the top 10 Spanish-language radio markets, growth this year is expected to be a healthy 23 percent overall. The Hispanic Broadcasting Corp. (HBC) and Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) have been dominant again, but smaller rivals El Dorado Broadcasting and Lieberman Communications hold strong toeholds in the top 10, with largely regional Mexican music programming in Houston and Los Angeles, respectively. ...continue

Club New Media Caters to Hispanic High-Tech Professionals

December 2000 - The founders of La Red Club Los Angeles knew they were onto something when more than 200 people showed up for their first event, a mixer in September. ...continue

Financial Planning: New- vs. Old-Economy Stocks

December 2000 - In recent years, as technology has enabled businesses to become more efficient and productive, there has been a shift toward fast-growth stocks such as Intel (INTC), Walmart (WMT), and America Online (AOL). Growth stocks are given a higher price valuation for their growth potential, while so-called old-economy stocks trade at lower price-to-earnings ratios. ...continue

E-mail Goes Visual

December 2000 - First there was voice mail. Then came e-mail. And now video e-mail is emerging as the newest tool in the businessperson's communication toolbox. It's expensive, but video e-mail has many advantages as a communications tool. ...continue

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