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Inside the November 2000 Issue

Former Congressional Aide Raul Fernandez Makes Good

November 2000 - Unlike many Internet millionaires, Mr. Fernandez intends to stick with his startup-turned-giant over the long haul. "One of the things wrong with our industry is that we have a whole bunch of people who build [companies], flip them [to new managers], and leave. That's not me. I'm going to be here a long time," he says. ...continue

E-Commerce Goes South

November 2000 - Projections indicate that online consumer sales to Latin America will surge in the next few years. ...continue

A List of Sites for Online Traders

November 2000 - This page contains brief introductions to major international trade destinations on the Internet. Sites listed deal with general trade rather than particular products or industries. However, the links from many of these pages connect users to industry-specific data, contacts, product information, and service providers. ...continue

Jesse Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH Reaches Hispanics

November 2000 - Best known as a civil rights leader for the African-American community, Jesse Jackson has a history of involvement in economic issues. Moreover, his national organization Rainbow/PUSH Coalition plans to expand its membership to other minority groups, including Hispanics. ...continue

Hispanics Who Write the Checks

November 2000 - Both political parties agree: Hispanics are contributing more money to campaigns than ever before. ...continue

Companies Integrate Internet, Minority Outreach

November 2000 - In recent years, mergermania has reshaped the telecommunications industry. To attract minority vendors, most of these telecommunications giants have supplier diversity programs that conduct outreach to minority-owned, women-owned, disabled-owned, and disabled veteran-owned businesses. ...continue

New Legislation Targets Investors’ Privacy Rights

November 2000 - New law allows information-sharing agreements among banks, insurers, and brokerage firms. "The potential for abuse will be great," says one expert. ...continue

Hazards of Borrowing against Your 401(k)

November 2000 - Despite the convenience, borrowing against your retirement plan can incur unseen costs far into the future. ...continue

Reverse Auctions Online allow Companies to Compete for Business

November 2000 - Reverse auctions on the Internet can make corporate purchasing managers look like geniuses. By logging on to a favorite auction site, they can buy 100,000 widgets for thousands of dollars less than budget. But it's not just the big boys in Corporate America who profit from the B2B online marketplaces. Small to medium-size businesses can get into the act, too. ...continue

TV Networks Make Slow Progress towards Diversity

November 2000 - Hispanic activists welcomed the Fox network's recent appointment of a vice-president to oversee diversity efforts and also the news that ABC had finally agreed to create such a position. Unless the nation's television networks soon take more significant steps to diversify their programming and business operations, however, broadcast and advertiser boycotts remain a possibility, they warn. ...continue

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