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Inside the July/August 2000 Issue

New Program to Help Firms Enter the Internet Marketplace

A program initiated by the U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce will help 200 companies along the 2,000-mile border between the two countries avoid being left behind in the Internet revolution. ...continue

Small Business, the Focus of New Initiatives

Energy Secretary Bill Richardson announced more than 250 contracting opportunities in the areas of environmental quality, energy resources, and national security at a recent small-business conference in Denver. ...continue

Successful Companies are Young but not New

If twentysomething millionaires have taken over the high-tech sector, how come the average age of CEOs on the HISPANIC BUSINESS High-Tech 50 list is 54 years' ...continue

Mainstream has been Slow to Embrace Latin Music

More than a year after Latin music took the American mainstream by storm, a question lingers: Is this a fad that will fizzle as suddenly as it was embraced, or will Latin sounds dominate for years to come' ...continue

Investing in New Technology: a Smart Decision

In his 21 years as president of RGMA, a Chicago-based management consulting firm that advises minority businesses on technological and strategic issues, Ralph G. Moore has seen three technological revolutions. ...continue

Automakers Encourage Businesses to Compete

Large suppliers to the Big Three must report what percentage of their subcontractors are minority-owned companies. To what degree this requirement encourages suppliers to use more minority-owned subcontractors is unclear. However, automotive suppliers with international clout do maintain diversity programs. ...continue

HTVN to Challenge TV’s Heavyweights

Univision and (to a lesser extent) Telemundo have long controlled Spanish-language television in the United States. Marco Camacho and his crew at Hispanic Television Network Inc. (HTVN) hope to change that. ...continue

Industry Veteran Forms Label for Latin Music Performers

While Latin pop has made tremendous gains in recent years, many major record labels have yet to employ Hispanic staff members, says industry veteran Bill Marin. ...continue

Hispanic Woman Heads Up National Convention

If the Democrats are to retain their hold on the White House in November, Al Gore will need a major boost from his party's national convention in August. ...continue

Wrestling for Web Dominance

Global consolidation is the byword for Hispanic-targeted Internet sites. ...continue

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