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Inside the June 2000 Issue

A Launching Point to the Next Step

A small Virginia company wins a four-year, $22 million contract with the U.S. Coast Guard ...continue

Automotive Dealers Move Wheels

Multiple dealerships and auto malls reap revenue growth, especially in places with a growing population. ...continue

Software for Rent

Small companies and start-ups save on upgrades and maintenance by leasing programs over the Internet. ...continue

Companies Going Out of the Box and Onto the Web

June 2000 - Can you recall life without the Internet' What did you do before e-mail' From business communications to the stock market, it is hard to point to a technology that has changed commerce so fundamentally, so quickly, as the Internet. The rapid emergence of the Net including e-mail, data transfer, and, of course, the ubiquitous Web is reflected in the business practices of the HISPANIC BUSINESS 500, our exclusive list of the largest Hispanic-owned companies in the United States. ...continue

Hispanic Women are Taking the Reins

Do women entrepreneurs still face greater obstacles than their male counterparts' ...continue

Participation in High-Tech Sector Yields Growth

A small Virginia company wins a four-year, $22 million contract with the U.S. Coast Guard. ...continue

Auto Sites Become a Recognized Niche in Cyberspace

Internet transactions accounted for nearly $6 billion of the $360 billion U.S. consumers spent on new cars last year. ...continue

The Power of Incumbency

Most of the 19 Hispanic members of Congress enjoy safe seats for the 2000 elections. ...continue

The Internet Is a Transformative Medium

June 2000- Omar S. Rivero believes the Internet will revolutionize the way business is conducted, in the same manner that Henry Ford's auto factories changed American mass production. ...continue

Special Tax Credit for Employers

A small business that hires members of targeted groups can earn special tax credits worth up to $8,500 per employee. ...continue

Turning Into Online Retirement Planning

June 2000 - Online investors can now opt to forgo human contact altogether, thanks to a slew of Web-based analysis tools that enable retirement strategizing with a few clicks of the mouse. ...continue

Getting Started on the Web

Launching a successful site involves several steps, beginning with finding the right help. ...continue

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