3 Ways Insurance Companies Avoid Covering the Sick

Obamacare now prevents insurers from rejecting customers with expensive medical conditions, but they still have ways to discourage the sickest and costliest patients from enrolling.

Spanish Speakers Get Help With Health Services

A new program plans to help the growing number of Spanish speakers in 19 municipalities get health and social services.

Ebola Virus Not Found in California Patient

The nation's top public health experts have ruled out an Ebola viral infection in a patient quarantined this week in Sacramento.

Californians Like Their Health Care Exchange, Not So Keen on Prices

Californians like their state's version of the Affordable Care Act, but some are having a hard time paying the premiums, a new Field Poll finds.

Alopecia Areata: Baldness Reversed With Bone Marrow Drug

Treatment with a drug normally used for a bone marrow condition has completely reversed baldness caused by alopecia in three patients, scientists announced.

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