Young Adults Show Interest in Obamacare

Young adults ages 19-34 made up 40 percent of visitors to the health insurance marketplace website, a U.S. survey indicates.

How Will You Measure Up? New Health Monitors Can Tell

Digital health and fitness devices geared toward helping people get in shape are at the CES show in Las Vegas.

Dangerous Flu Creeps Into Northwest

Influenza arrived early this year and has sickened people across the Inland Northwest as the nasty strain spreads, according to news reports.

Vitamin E May Ward Against Alzheimer's

Research a decade ago showed that vitamin E was helpful in late-stage Alzheimer's disease, but a new study finds the benefits extend to people with mild to moderate forms of the disease.

Changes in Health Coverage to Watch for in 2014

Millions of previously uninsured Americans now have health coverage -- but experts say we also need to watch how the law will affect elections, what the states will decide about Medicaid expansion and what insurers will do to react to their quickly changing demographics.

Lung Cancer Scans Urged for Smokers

Certain current or former heavy smokers should start getting yearly scans for lung cancer to cut their risk of death from the nation's top cancer killer, government advisers said Monday even as they stressed that the tests aren't for everyone.

Newly Insured May Face Doctor Shortage

Signing up for health insurance on the new state and federal exchanges was supposed to be the easy part of Obamacare. The really dicey part may come on Jan. 1.

Paid Family and Medical Leave Sought for U.S. Workers

U.S. workers are legally entitled to take time off to care for sick kids or parents or deal with their own serious medical problems, but they do it on their own dime.

Bah Humbug: Heart Troubles Spike This Time of Year

'Tis the season for heart attacks? Not to dampen any spirits, but studies show heart troubles spike this time of year.

Covered California Lags on Hispanic Enrollment

In California, where two out of five people are Hispanic, a worrisome trend has surfaced in the rollout of the Affordable Care Act: Of the 109,296 California residents who registered for a health insurance plan by Nov. 30, only 13 percent were Hispanic.

Insurance Rule Change Angers Industry

The White House made a surprise announcement Thursday night that people losing their insurance can buy bare-bones plans or even go without insurance, sending the industry into a tizzy.

Insurance Deadline Extended for Obamacare

Consumers worried that tight deadlines around the holidays and lingering computer problems could thwart their efforts to secure Obamacare coverage will get extra time to pay, the health insurance industry said Wednesday.

Groups Report Strategies for Getting Obamacare Signups

Common themes emerged among the nonprofits, labor unions, social services centers and groups paid to promote the new health care law in California in their first reports to the state's health exchange.

Vme TV, NHMA Work to Improve Hispanic Health

Vme TV and the National Hispanic Medical Association joined forces to improve Hispanic health and encourage preventive care.

Health Exchange Signups Continue to Increase

Growing numbers of Americans are signing up for insurance through Obamacare, with more than 250,000 selecting a plan in November, according to a new government report.

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